Narrative Subjectivity in Fiction

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Usage Advice: Forlearners, researchers and teachers in the field of Russian literature

Narrative subjectivity is an important concept in Russian literary rhetoric. Centering around “the image of the author”, this book employs a subjectivity-POV-discourse approach to study realistic novels in the third-person narrative voice. It explains the theory of narrative subjectivity, the forms and types of narrators, the different characteristics and discourse forms of narrators and characters, and the traits and artistic effects of narrative subjectivity.

About the Author
Zhao Haixia earned a PhD degree in Russian language and literature from Beijing Foreign Studies University and is now a teacher in the Russian Department at BLCU's Faculty of Foreign Studies. Zhao's research mainly focuses on Russian text linguistics. She has published more than 10 papers in journals such as Russian Literature & Arts and Russian Language Teaching in China.
Narrative Subjectivity in Fiction