My Home in China: 55 Foreigners' China Stories

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Table of Contents

Atul: My Dream Came True in China
Bong: "The Mayor of Xiamen"
Bernard: China Opened Up Opportunities for me
Hanna: Always Busy and Happy in China
Raj: Speaking Minnan Dialect Made My Life in Xiamen Easier
Mitchel: Fate Led Me to Xiamen
Smita: My Love for China Grows Stronger with Each Passing Day
Tamar: China Is the Place Where I Want to Be
Roshan: Life Isn't What You Expect
Upul: Becoming a "Bridegroom" in China
Jenny: In China I Get Friendly treatment
Alain: Journey to the Center of Myself
Andre: The Engineering Behind Gelato-making
Ana: Life in Beijing Is a Fun Whirlwind
Bill: China Has an Extremely Dynamic Atmosphere
Szabolcs: The Adventure in China Is Still on
Bode: China Has Enriched My Life Experiences
Vlad : Epic Journey to the East
Daniel: Journey to Accessibility in China
Fran?ois: I Met My Ai Ren in China
Carla: Guangzhou Is Perfect for My Curious Soul
Christopher: My Unique Moments in China
Umberto: Ex-Waimai Guy, Future Journalist
Rafa: Shaokao and Friends, a Perfect Combination
Melody: Some Call Me Fake Foreigner
Mihail: Xiamen Is the Place Where I Want to Live
Zuzana: The Hero of Xiamen Expats
Joyce: China Is Making Me a Better Person
Luz: My Love for Translation Led Me to China
Vicente: Maybe I Was A Chinese in a Past Life
Christina: I Think Cantonese Food Is the Best
Jaap: I Have Made China My Home
Graham: The Gap Year in China That Became 18
Ariana: I Enjoy China's Slow and Fast Lifestyles
AlonSo: I Fell in Love with Chinese Music
Andrew: I Thought I'd Be Here for 2 Years But
Becky: In China I Began a Sports Journey at the Age of 40
Davina: China Chose Me
Lucía: Xiamen Is a Place for My Heart
Camila: I Study Journalism in China
Devione: I Feel at Home in the Keqiao Countryside
Jevon: I Was in Wuhan When COVID-19 Broke Out
Karla: A Real Disney Princess Story
Katherine: My China Story in Numbers
Ramone: My China Story
Renatto: What I Love About Living Here Is the Safety
Juan: Xiamen Will Always Be My City
Homero: Every Day Has Been a New Adventure
Marytha: A College Trip Sparked My Love for China
Jennifer: China Is an Amazing, Diverse Country
Aziz: China Brings Locals and Foreigners Together
Mino: My Love Story with China
Tav: China Helped Me Lead a Healthier Life
Nic: I Like Off-road Trail Running in China
Thara: I Built a Boat in China
My Home in China: 55 Foreigners' China Stories