Modern Engineering Graphics

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 The Graphic Language for Design and Communication
1.1 The Graphic Language
1.2 Drawing and Engineering Design Process
1.3 Introduction to Computer-Aided Design
Chapter 2 Fundamentals of Projection
2.1 Projection Theory
2.2 Three Views of Objects
2.3 Projection of Geometric Elements
2.4 Projection Transformation of Geometric Elements
Chapter 3 From 3D Objects to 2D Drawings
3.1 2D Projection of 3D Solids
3.2 Three Views of Composite solids
3.3 Pictorial Drawing of Objects
3.4 Oblique Projection
3.5 Dimensioning Composite solids
Chapter 4 From 2D Drawings to 3D Solids
4.1 2D Sketch Section and 3D Modeling
4.2 Boolean Operations of Plane Figure or Solids
4.3 Reading Views of Composite Solids
Chapter 5 Representation of Drawing
5.2 Sectional Views
5.3 Cross-Sections
5.4 Partial Enlarged Views
5.5 Simplified and Conventional Representation
5.6 Application of Representation Methods
5.7 Brief introduction to Third-Angle Projection
Chapter 6 Standard Parts and Commonly Used Parts
6.1 Threads and Threaded Fasteners
6.2 Keys and Pins
6.3 Gears
6.4 Springs
6.5 Bearings
Chapter 7 Detail Drawings
7.1 Contents of Detail Drawings
7.2 Representation of Typical Parts
7.3 Dimensioning on Detail Drawings
7.4 Technical Requirements in Detail Drawing
7.5 Structures of Manufacturing Process
7.6 Measuring and Drawing a Part
7.7 Reading Detail Drawings
Chapter 8 Assembly Drawings
8.1 Summary of Assembly Drawings
8.2 General Conventions for Assembly Drawings
8.3 Dimensioning on Assembly Drawings
8.4 Parts Numbers and Parts Lists
8.5 Basic Structures for Assembling
8.6 Making Assembly Drawing
8.7 Reading Assembly Drawings
Appendix A Basic Knowledge of Engineering Drawing
Appendix B National Standards for Mechanical Drawings
Modern Engineering Graphics