Memoirs of Ordinary People

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This book is edited by Chen Xuehui, senior editor of the national newspaper Economic Daily, one of China's most authoritative and trusted financial and economic news publications. Authors include senior journalists from Economic Daily, which is an important channel for the government to publicize economic policy and information. First issued in 1983, Economic Daily ranks among the country's top newspapers in circulation.
Table of Contents
A Media Director 
A Bridge to Learning Science 
A Countryside Doctor 
Staying in a Rural Corner Dedicated to a Virtuous Cause 
A Volunteer Commentator 
Delivering Knowledge and Sharing Its Charm 
A Piano Tuner 
Hope Soars Through Striking the Right Notes 
An Industrial Designer 
Opening the "Door of Creaivity" Through Originality 
A Shield—tunneling Machine Operator 
Driving an "Unrivaled Giantto Build a Subway Network 
A NaNre Reserve Worker 
Protecting a National Treasure in Remote Mountains 
A Cadre Sent to Aid Tibet 
GMng Something Back to the Snowy Plateau 
A Taobao Shop Owner 
Building a Buy—and—Sell Platform to Promote Domestic Demand and Achieve Win—Win Results 
A Qiang Embroidery Artist 
Advancing Minority and Folk Arts 
A Blind Health Masseur 
Holding Up the Sky Through Self—reliance 
A Journalist Reviews the South—to—North Water Dwersion Project 
ResettlingThousands ofMiles Away for the Larger Family 
An Arcticologist 
Exploring the Secrets ofthe Earth's Three Poles 
An Intellectual Property Judge 
Guardian of an Innovative Economy 
A Plateau Road Maintainer 
Witness to Transformations in the "Road to the Skies" 
An Ombudswoman Handling Complaints and Visits 
Ordinary People's Affairs Are the Most Important 
A Woman Dedicated to Public Welfare and Charity 
Doing Small Things with Great Love 
A Large—scale Grain Grower 
Who Says Farmers Are Not Happy? 
A Digital Copyright Service Provider 
Growing Along with Digital Publishing in China 
A Pet Physician 
Fun Through a New Career
Sample Pages Preview
This is a demanding career with some strict requirements.The age for beginners should be between 18 and 25.I am the teacher at the training center, and I often tell students to "have a try in their 20s, and persevere through their 30s." If one lacks willpower and can't concentrate, I would suggest he or she never choose this job.If always thinking about how much money can be earned by tuning a piano, one won't become a good tuner. 
Looking back on my career through these years, a strong sense of having a mission to solve problems for more clients, tuning for Chinese and foreign pianists when needed, has inspired me to constantly study further. 
Sometimes I also encounter certain types of customers: When I take out the entire set of over 50-kilo tools from my case but only use a portion of them, they may ask, "So quickly? You haven't used many tools.Did you just tune it randomly?" They don't know that, if I used all the tools, his piano's problems would be even bigger. 
Other clients don't understand our work.I was once asked to tune a piano worth 50,000 to 60,000 yuan.It hadn't been maintained for ten years and was severely damaged, so I suggested he replace the mechanical parts.He asked me how much it would cost, and I told him two or three thousand yuan.He immediately replied, "You want to earn even more? You're charging too much already!" I felt very uncomfortable, I didn't want to argue with him, so Ijust gathered my tools and left quietly.Perhaps one day he will understand I never tried to cheat him.

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Memoirs of Ordinary People