Magic Chinese: Elementary Spoken Chinese 2 [Unknown Binding]

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Author: Yao Xiaolin;
Language: Chinese
Format: Papercover
Publication Date: 04/2008
ISBN: 7301059949
Series: Magic Chinese
Table of Contents
Persons in the Texts
第一课 你在这儿生活习惯吗?
Lesson One Are you used to living here?
第二课 真高兴认识你!
Lesson Two I am glad to meet you.
第三课 喂,请接23 1 0号房间。
Lesson Three Hello!Please connect me to Room 2310.
第四课 不见不散!
Lesson Four 1 will wait there until seeing you.
第五课 打的过去要多长时间?
Lesson Five How long does it take to get there by taxi?
第六课 请问,开账户是在这儿吗?
Lesson Six Excuse me,can I open an account here?
第七课 快去邮局取吧!
Lesson Seven Go to the post office and pick it up!
第八课 瞧,那儿有自动售货机!
Lesson Eight Look!There is a vending-machine over there.
第九课 换季打折喽,请随便看看!
Lesson Nine Welcome to the seasonal discount sale.
第十课 今年特别冷,比去年冷多了。
Lesson Ten It'so cold this year,much colder than last year.
第十一课 你们这儿有什么特色菜?
Lesson Eleven What is your specialty?
第十二课 你脸色不太好,不舒服吗?
Leeson Twelve You look a little pale.
第十二课 你脸色不太好,不舒服吗?
Lesson Twelve You look a little pale.
What’s wrong with you?
第十三课 除了看球,我还喜欢上网。
Lesson Thirteen Besides watching ball games,
I also like surfing the Intemet.
第十四课 路上小心,旅途愉快!
Lesson Fourteen Take care and have a good trip!
第十五课 我会很想念你们的!
Lesson Fifteen 1 will miss you very much!
Magic Chinese: Elementary Spoken Chinese 2 [Unknown Binding]