Magic Chinese - Elementary Spoken Chinese 1(English,Japanese and Korean Annotation)

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Author: Yao Xiaolin;
Language: Chinese-English-Korean-Japanese
Format: Papercover
Publication Date: 05/2003
ISBN: 9787301059937
Publisher: Peking University Press
Series: Magic Chinese

This set of textbooks,including two volumes wih 15 units in each,is to be used by the foreign students studying in China for a short period. Volume 1 is suitable for the very beginners and Volume 2 for those with knowledge of 300 to 400 Chinese words. The textbooks have the following characteristics: 1 practical orientation: the sentences included in the books are practical and frequently used ones, which make the conversations vivid and interesting; 2 original contents: the texts choose the most popular topics in the present society,such as Opening an Account, Hairdressing and Dating, and introduce the new words that have appeared in recent years; 3 various exercises:besides the spoken and lisening exercises,here are alsthe translation exercises, which combines the basic skill training with the flexible application in different contexts.
Table of Contents
第一课 你好,小雨!
第二课 嗨,我是大卫!
第三课 你喜欢干什么?
第四课 几点了,爷爷?
第五课 明天天气怎么样?
第六课 喂,请问小雨在吗?
第七课 请问,去邮局怎么走?
第八课 爷爷请你吃饭!
第九课 一美元换多少人民币?
第十课 这条裙子多少钱?
第十一课 师傅,我想理发。
第十二课 你哪儿不舒服?
第十三课 买两张去上海的火车票
第十四课 请问,有空房间吗?
第十五课 下学期见!
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Magic Chinese - Elementary Spoken Chinese 1(English,Japanese and Korean Annotation)