Lapse of Time

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In this collection are seven stories by Wang Anyi, the most popular Chinese woman writer of Shanghai. The stories tell much about the quality of life in China in the 1980s and the different senses of value of the writer's generation. The writer has captured not only the flavor of the Chinese earth, but a lapsed moment in time. Her stories serve as a good place to start reading contemporary Chinese literature for foreign readers who are interested in China.
Born in 1954 in Fujian Province, the daughter of the noted woman author Ru Zhijuan, Wang Anyi represents the generation of Chinese writers whose formal education was disrupted by the "cultural revolution" and who were sent to work in the countryside. In 1978 she returned to Shanghai to work as an editor of the magazine Childhood. She has won several awards in national short-story competitions. Her story, "The Destination" , won a national award as one of the best short stories of 1982, "Lapse of Time" and "Xiaobao Village" won national awards for the best novellas, and her full-length novel Everlasting Regret won the Fifth Mao Dun Literary Prize.
Lapse of Time