Jiangyin Statistical Yearbook 2009

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Jiangyin Statistical Yearbook-2009 is an annual statistical publication with dense information. It roundly and systematically reflects the achievements of Jiangyin's economic, technological and social development in 2008 making use of a large number of statistic data.

This annual publication contains General Survey, Population, Employment and Wages, Industry, Agriculture, Investment in Fixed Assets, Transport, Post and Telecommunication Service, Urban Public Utilities, Consumption of Energy and Materials, Domestic Trade, Foreign Trade and International Cooperation, Tourism, Public Finance, Banking and Insurance, Science and Technology, Education, Culture, Public Health, Enterprise Survey, and Main Statistical Information on the administrative areas for Jiangyin. There are brief introductions at the beginning of each part so that readers are able to use correctly statistical data in it. In addition, Explanatory Notes on Main Statistical Indicators are provided at the end of each section.


Table of Contents
  1. General Survey
  2. Population
  3. Employment and Wages
  4. Industry
  5. Agriculture
  6. Investment in Fixed Assets
  7. Transport, Post and Telecommunication Service
  8. Urban Public Utilities, Consumption of Energy and Materials
  9. Domestic Trade
  10. Foreign Trade and International Cooperation
  11. Tourism
  12. Public Finance
  13. Banking and Insurance
  14. Science and Technology, Education, Culture, Public Health
  15. Enterprise Survey
Jiangyin Statistical Yearbook 2009