Jades of Ancient China

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Among the numerous forms of the wonderful cultural heritage in the Chinese history, jade carving is definitely a unique art style. It is not only the cultural evidence to the historical development of human beings, but also the elegant and valuable artwork. This book is to introduce jade monographs.

About Author
Qu Shi, born in 1954, director of Identification Center of Collections of Beijing Wenbo Garden, was also titled as deputy secretary-general of China Association of Collectors and director of Committee of Jade Collections.He has worked on the research and identification of Chinese ancient jades for thirty years. His academic works include Jade Age of China, Selected Works of Qu Shi on Research of Ancient Jades, and more than a hundred professional articles as well.
Table of Contents
Jades of the Neotithic Age
Jades of the Xia and Shang Dynasties
Jades of the Western zhou Dynasty
Jades of the Spring and Autumn Period
Jades of the Warring States Period
Jades of the Qin, Nan, Wei, Jin, Northern and Southern Dynasties
Jades of the Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties
Jades of the song, Liao, Kin and Yuan Dynasties
Jades of the Ming Dynasty
Jades of the Qing Dynasty
A Record of Auction of Collections
A Brief ChronoLogy of Chinese History
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Sample pages of Jades of Ancient China (ISBN:9787508517773)

Sample pages of Jades of Ancient China (ISBN:9787508517773)
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Jades of Ancient China