It's My Book (Level 4): A Letter to Dad

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Level: Elementary

Primary School

This book, which belongs to the fourth level of It's My Book, is designed for pupils in the first grade in primary schools where immersion teaching is performed to teach Chinese. Each level consists of 30 stories, including six themes namely individual, family, school, social, animal and plant and nature. The number of the words is controlled within 200 words for each story. This book is the tenth one inthis series anditsserial number is SP200. 2. e.

About the Author
Vicki Cheng is a professional writer of children's book and has published dozens of children's books. Taylor Wu, a professional illustrator

1. Its My Bookestablishes a system of reading levels based on the practice ofChinese teaching for children in America.
2.This series is graded into 13 levels according to the standards of InternationalCurriculum for Chinese language Education. And the difficulty level of the words, and the process of selecting the new words. These standards need to cater to the various types and levels of Chinese teaching.
3. The series is instructed by the mature teaching theory of guided reading.
4. The stories combined with the beautifully drawn pictures canpeakthe children'sreading interests and their ability to master the level.
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It's My Book (Level 4): A Letter to Dad