International Business Law(English edition)

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Table of Contents
Chapter One Introduction to International Business Law
Key Terms
1.1 Definition of International Business Law
1.2 Sources of International Business Law
1.3 Major Legal Systems of the World
1.4 Legal Risk of International Business Transactions
1.5 Contents of International Business Law
Case Study: CS 1-1 Gaskin v. Stumm Handel GMBH

Chapter Two Law of Business Organizations
Key Terms
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Partnership Law
2.3 Law of Corporations
2.4 Foreign Investment Enterprises in China
Case Study: CS 2-1 Salomon v Salomon & Company

Chapter Three Law of Agency
Key Terms
3.1 Nature of Agency and Agency Relationships
3.2 Creation of Agency
3.3 Duties of Agent and Principal
3.4 Liability of Principal and Agent to Third Parties
3.5 Termination of Agency
Case Study: CS 3-1 Willis v. Champlain Cable Corp.

Chapter Four International Contract Law
Key Terms
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Formation of Contract
4.3 Validity of Contract
4.4 Performance of Contract
4.5 Remedies for Breach of Contract
Case Study: CS 4-1 Is There Any Contract Between the Parties?

Chapter Five Law of International Sale of Goods
Key Terms
5.1 Introduction to CISG
5.2 Formation of Contract for International Sale of Goods
5.3 Obligations of the Seller and Buyer
5.4 Remedies for Breach of Contract
5.5 Passing of Risk
5.6 A Standard Contract for International Sales of Goods
Case Study: CS 5-1 Is There Any Contract Between X and Y?
CS 5-2 Who is legally right?

Chapter Six International Cargo Transportation and Insurance
Key Terms
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Law of International Cargo Transportation
6.3 Bills of Lading
6.4 Law of International Cargo Insurance
Case Study: CS 6-1 The Ardennes
CS 6-2 Riverstone Meat Co. v. Lancashire ?Shipping Co.

Chapter Seven Finance of International Trade
Key Terms
7.1 Bills of Exchange
7.2 Collection and URC522
7.3 Letters of Credit ?
Case Study: CS 7-1 Can the Bank Seek Reimbursement from the Buyer?

Chapter Eight Law of Products Liability
Key Terms
8.1 Introduction of Product Liability Law
8.2 Product Liability Law of the USA
8.3 Product Liability Law of the European Union
8.4 International Legislation on Product Liability
Case Study: CS 8-1 John's Claim

Chapter Nine Law of Intellectual Property Rights
Key Terms
9.1 Introduction to IPRs
9.2 International Transfer of Technology
9.3 International Licensing Agreements
9.4 International Protection of IPRs
Case Study: CS 9-1 Tom Acquinas' Ideas

Chapter Ten International Commercial Arbitration
Key Terms
10.1 Introduction to International Commercial Arbitration
10.2 International Commercial Arbitration Institutions ?
10.3 International Commercial Arbitration Agreement?
10.4 International Commercial Arbitration Procedure
10.5 Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards 
Case Study: CS 10-1 Fiona Trust & Holding Corporation & 20?Others v. Yuri Privalov & 17 Others [2007] EWCA Civ 20

Appendix A CISG(United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods)
Appendix B INCOTERMS 2000
Appendix C HAGUE RULESG(International Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules of Law Relating to Bills of Lading)Protocol of Signature
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According to UNCITRAL Model Law on Intemational Commercial Arbitration:"The term commercial should be given a wide interpretation so as to cover matters arising from all relationships of a commercial nature, whether contractual or not. Relationslups of a commercial nature include, but are not limited to, thefollowing transactions: any trade transaction for the supply or exchange of goodsor services; distribution agreement; commercial representation or agency; factoring; leasing; construction of works; consulting; engineering; licensing; investment; financing; banking; insurance; exploitation agreement or concession; jointventure and other forms of industrial and business cooperation; carriage of goodsor passengers by air, sea, rail or road. "
In China, the word "commercial" is also given a wide interpretation. According to the statement originally made by China on 22 January 1987 upon accession to the 1958 Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards Convention, China will apply the Convention only to differences arising out of legal relationships, whether contractual or not, that are consideredcommercial under the national law. Article 2 of the Notice of the Supreme People's Court on the Disposal of the Relevant Issues about the Foreign-related Arbitration and Foreign Arbitral Matters by the People's Court points out that the socalled "commercial legal relationships whether contractual or not" refer to economic relationships of rights and obligations arisen from contracts, torts or relativelegal regulations, for example, sale of goods, property leasing, project contracting, undertaking of processing, transfer of technology, joint venture, cooperative venture, exploration and exploitation of natural resources, insurance,credit loan,labor,agency,consultant service and guest and cargo transportation by sea, air, railway and road, and product liability, environment pollution, accident at sea andtitle dispute, but not including disputes between foreign investors and the host government.
International Business Law(English edition)