Intermediate Chinese Exercise Book I

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Usage Advice: Used in classroom teaching of intermediate Chinese or self-study

Level: Intermediate
This exercise book is compiled for intermediate Chinese learners. It has the following features:
1.     It provides rich teaching materials for teachers teaching intermediate Chinese. Referring to the textbooks for intermediate integrated Chinese courses such as Bridge, Ascending, Fazhan Chinese, etc, it selects accurate and detailed grammatical points in a wide range, overcoming restrictions of common teaching practice centering on lessons and units. The exercises are for integrated language skills training, with moderate volume of exercise items. With index of exercise types, the exercises on words are arranged in phonetic order, which is easy to search and practical to use.
2.     A multiple sets of integrated test papers are provided at the beginning, middle and end of the book, with difficulty increasing gradually. In each set, time and score for each item, and answer keys are provided. These tests can be used for all types of testing purposes and for the learners’ self-study as well.
3.     While providing training of HSK competence, it also offers subjective exercises with flexible answers and the objective ones of higher difficulty which greatly facilitate the cultivation and improvement of learners’ actual language competence.

About the Author
Ying Junling, teacher in Beijing Language and Culture University, has published textbooks and works such as Simulated Tests of HSK, Intermediate and Advanced Chinese Exercise Book, Chinese Idiomatic Phrases for Foreign Students, Illustration of Chinese Idioms, Handbook of Chinese Common Sayings, A Dictionary of Chinese Common Sayings, etc.




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Intermediate Chinese Exercise Book I