In Pursuit of Presence or Prominence? The Prospect of Chinese Banks' Global Expansion and Their Benchmarks

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Language: English
Format: 24.4 x 17.6 x 1.8 cm
Publication Date: 03/2018
ISBN: 9787308174305

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Changes in the Domestic and International Economy
1.1 Growing Complexity in Global Economy
1.2 China's Economy Aligned Stability with Sustainable Progress
1.3 "The Belt and Road" Initiative Yielded Striking Outcomes
1.4 Financial System Continued to Reform
1.5 Financial Institutions Embraced the World
Chapter 2 Status of Chinese Banks' Internationalization
2.1 Status of Chinese Commercial Banks' Internationalization
2.2 Status of Chinese Development Banks' Internationalization
Chapter 3 Status of Foreign Banks' Internationalization
3.1 Foreign Banks Had Overall High BII Level But Slower Growth in Past Decade
3.2 Factors that Affect Banks' Internationalization in View of BII
3.3 Banks' International Development Pattern in View of Growing Path
Chapter 4 Comparison Between Chinese and Foreign Banks on Globalization
4.1 Big Gap Between Chinese and Foreign Banks in BII Level and Chinese Banks Still Have a Long Way to Catch Up
4.2 Chinese Banks' Total Overseas Assets Kept Growing While Foreign Banks Slowly Declined
4.3 Chinese Banks Yields Promising Outcome from Their Overseas Expansion, Showing Greater Long-Term Potentials Benchmarking Foreign Banks
4.4 Chinese Banks Continued to Expand Overseas Network While the Number of Foreign Banks' Overseas Institutions Dropped
Chapter 5 Implications of Risks Associated with Banks' Internationalization
5.1 Case Studies on Foreign Banks' International Risk
5.2 Case Studies on Chinese Banks' International Risk
Chapter 6 Future Prospects of Chinese Banks' Internationalization
6.1 Acknowledge the Distinct Differences Between Chinese and International Markets when Proceeding with Steady Expansion Strategy
6.2 Seize the Opportunity of " the Belt and Road" Initiative with Supporting Scheme
6.3 Implement Internet Finance and Adopt Innovative Business Model
6.4 Establish a Robust Risk Control Mechanism and Prevent Various Types of Risks
Appendix I Banks Internationalization Index(BII)
Definition of BII
Construction of BII
BII Construction Principles
BII Index System
BII Measurement Model
Meanings of BII
Data processing for BII
Appendix Ⅱ Introduction of 16 Selected Foreign Banks
In Pursuit of Presence or Prominence? The Prospect of Chinese Banks' Global Expansion and Their Benchmarks