Hsiang-Ya Journal

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Language: English
Format: 24.6 x 17.6 x 2 cm
Page: 217
Publication Date: 09/2016
ISBN: 9787307187412
Series: Hsiang-Ya
Table of Contents
1 Changsha
2 The First Year
3 The Eventful Fall of 1924
4 Year of Great Changes
5 Coming of the Nationalists
6 End of an Era
7 Years of Decision and Return to China
8 Return to a Different China
9 Time of Ferment
10 Time of Great Changes
11 Bursting with Life and Threatened with Death
12 Furlough and Return to China
13 Changsha in the Fall of 1937
14 Refuge in the Philippines
15 The Burning of Changsha
16 Supplies Through the Blockade
17 Low Ebb in Changsha
18 The Journey Inland
19 Hsiang—Ya in Kweiyang Spring of 1940
20 Time of Testing
21 The End but Not the End
Sample Pages Preview
From Canton Phil wrote: "The highlight of the conference came in the final session, with the celebrating of the one hundredth anniversary of the Canton Hospital (the first modern hospital in China, opened in November, 1835, by Dr.Peter Parker, Yale 1831 ) and the laying of the cornerstone of a new building for the Medical Department of Lingnan University."
In 1935, in the segment of China we knew, Chinese and Americans alike looked to a future of cooperative effort that would bring medicine,education and health to China.The Nationalist Government sanctioned such cooperation; it went further to encourage a far more difficult effort to harmonize the widely differing cultural patterns of East and West.Changsha's Mass Wedding that fall was a showcase example of that effort—yes,struggle.
"Following the lead of Changsha's mayor, various cities in China have instituted these weddings in the last few months; groups of brides and grooms all married off in one official gesture from the mayor.It is aimed at correcting the evils of the traditional marriage ceremony with its devastating expense and horseplay.
"It was a thrilling spectacle held, eugenically enough, in the new municipal athletic hall.Long before the hour, crowds electric with excitement began to jam the grounds.Only the families and those with special permit were allowed to enter the hall itself.Graciously, we had been granted a special permit, and the children and I saw it all from the inside.
Hsiang-Ya Journal