How to play GO

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This book is for readers at home and abroad with the purpose of introducing the game of GO to them all.
Go is a strategic board game for two players.
Go is probably the oldest of all known games. It is mostly popular in East Asia but has now gained some popularity in the rest of the word.
Playing Go is an intellectual but interesting game. It is good for developing intelligence and a good sense of judgment, and it is also helpful for training and improving one's concentration, calculation, memory and will. So, now Go is not only as a term of simple entertainment and competition, but also as a term of character education in China.
The book " How to Play Go" consists of two parts. Part one introduces the origin of Go, the rules of playing Go comprehensively, systematically and briefly. All terminologies in this part are written in English without transliteration from Japanese. Part two consists of a large number of Go terms, which are listed in 3 forms, that is "Chinese---English----Transliteration". For some terms examples are given. This part will help the translating work of Go books and materials. It may be used as a pocket dictionary for reading English Go books, and also as a handbook for exchanging skills between Chinese and foreign Go Players.
This book may be used as an introduction for the beginners to learn the game of Go, and as a material for amateurs to study Go further systematically, it may also be used as a supplementary material for pupils to learn English in the Go training schools.
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How to play GO