How Japan Stole The Diaoyu Islands

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Language: English
Page: 287
Publication Date: 01/2019
ISBN: 9787520136747
Table of Contents
Chapter One From the Ryukyu Kingdom to Okinawa Prefecture
The “Disposal of Ryukyu“
The Kyfikan'onzon Policy
Dividing the Ryukyus
Vacillating Policies of Okinawa Prefecture

Chapter Two Sutezo Nishimura and Okinawa Prefecture
The Fourth Prefectural Governor: Sutezo Nishimura
Nishimura's Guiding Policy for the Government ofOkinawa

Chapter Three The End of Territory Markers
Surveying the Uninhabited Islands in the Seas Near Okinawa
Incorporating the Daito Islands into Okinawa Prefecture
Shanghai “Shenbao“ post Alert from Taiwan
Expressing Concerns over Erecting Territorial Markers
“Avoiding Unnecessary Conflicts“
Sophistry in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Govemor Nishimura's Memorandum of November 5
Missing Items from Ministry of Home Affairs' Other Official Records
“Do Not Erect Territorial Markers at Present“
Nishimura Commended by Meiji Government

Chapter Four “Repeated Surveys“ That Never Happened
The Truth Revealed by “Miscellaneous Issues Regarding the Territory of the Japanese Empire“
Nishimura Transferred as Director of Civil Engineering Bureau
Draft Memorandum of November 5 Retained in Naha
From Governor Maruoka's Perspective...
Documents Regarding the Surveys Performed by the Kaimon
Governor Narahara Also Requests Change of Orders
The Kongo Did Not Perform an On-The-Ground Survey

Chapter Five Riding on Victory to Annex Islands
Japan's Overwhelming Victory in the First Sino-Japanese War
What Was Different from 18857
The Mystery of“Raleigh Rock“ Chiwei Islet Kumeaka Island Taisho Island
The Annexation of the Islands Was Not Announced at Home or Abroad

Chapter Six The Importance of Respecting Facts
The Explanation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Treaty Department on the Annexation of These Islands
Intentional Failure to Send Diplomatic Notice
Admitting Facts: The Importance of Honesty
Concrete Proposal for Peacefully Resolving the Territorial Conflict Between Japan and China

One. Public Records Related to the 1885 Survey of the Uninhabited Islands in the Seas Near Okinawa Prefecture
Two. Historical Documents Related to the Governing Policy of Okinawa Prefecture Under Sutezo Nishimura
Three. Public Archive Documents Written Assuming the Veracity of the Document Written in Nishimura's Name on November 5, 1885
Four. Historical Reference Documents
How Japan Stole The Diaoyu Islands