History of China

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Author: Deng Yinke;
Language: English
Page: 171
Publication Date: 08/2007
ISBN: 9787508510989
Publisher: China Intercontinental Press
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China has a long and brilliant history. Its documented history is coherent for 3,000 years and its undocumented history is clearly inherited orally for 5,000 years. Archeological discoveries can date back its history to 7,000 years and trace all stages of human development to 50,000 years. Chinas history and culture, together with her rivers and mountains, possess infinite charm, which is also the soft power of China. In this book the readers can go to a journey into the Chinese history, to visit the historic sites and ruins, to meet the historic figures, to feel the glory of history itself.
Table of Contents
Zhoukoudtan-the Dawn of Early Man”
The Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor
The Yin Ruins and the Origin of Chinese Characters
COnfucius and His Homeland
The Art of War by Sunzi:A Classic on Military Theory
Sanxingdui,a Civilization Independent froin the Central Plains
The Qin Mausoleum and the Terracotta Warriors:the Rise and Fall of the Qin Empire
The Graves of Huo Qubing and Wang Zhaojun
Romance of the Three Kingdoms:In Search of tLe Traces of the Heroes of the Three Kingdoms
Preface for the Orchid Pavilion Poems:Social,Economic,and Cultural Lives of Wei,Jin,and the Northern and Southern Dynasties
The Yungang Grottoes and the Spread of Buddhism in China
The Orand Canal and the End of the Sui Dynasty
Chang'an and Tri-colored Glazed Pottery:the Flourishing Tang
Along the River during Pure Brightness Day:Kaifeng,a Flourishing Northern Song City
The Grave ofYue Fei and the War against Jin
The Travels of Marco Polo and the Prosperity of the Yuan Dynasty
The Thirteen Ming Torabs and the Governance during the Ming Dynasty
Zheng He's Voyages On the Western Seas:the Glory of a Great Sea Empire
The Shenyang Palace Museum,Witnessing the Transition from Ming to Qing
The Forbidden City:Symbol of Ancient Chinese Civilization
The Cession and Return of Hong Kong
Epilogue:The Great Wall,a Symbol of China
Chronology of Chinese H istory
History of China