Historical Development of Word Order in Chinese

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  • Author: Zhang Cheng;
  • Format: Paper
  • Page: 313
  • Publication Date: 10/2010
  • ISBN: 9787561928394
Level: Chinese Teachers (TCSL)

Drawing on historical data and the findings of dialect investigations and typological studies, this book describes and discusses the historical development and evolution of four sentence patterns and structures, i.e. Chinese comparative sentences, numeral-classifier compound + noun, numeral-classifier compound + verb, and “patient noun (+agent noun) + verb”, pointing out that syntax and semantics are the most important two factors which have exerted a constant influence on the order of Chinese sentences from the ancient times. Through a historical study on the order of Chinese sentences, the author also puts forward some new and valuable subjects for further studies on the history of Chinese language.
Historical Development of Word Order in Chinese