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Hangzhou is described "the city of Heaven" by Marco Polo.
This book has five outstanding features:
The most COMPREHENSIVE -- The only English guidebook covering so many tourist attractions in Hangzhou and its vicinity, with special maps and illustrations.
The most INFORMATIVE -- As much information as Western visitors need.
The most CULTURAL -- Marked emphasis laid upon traditional Chinese culture, with unique Notes on Culture specially prepared for cross-cultural communication as well as new versions of popular West Lake or local poems, couplets, the Tea Picking Song, and folk expressions, which are not available in other English guidebooks.
The most PRACTICAL -- Useful tips provided, including special , grading of scenic spots and historic sites, , and .
The most UP-TO-DATE -- Information on important places of interest newly opened or opening soon or under construction or planning, as well as newly operating services.
About the author: Chen Gang (George Chen) was born and educated in Hangzhou. To date, he is the only Tour Guide Extraordinaire in East China's Zhejiang Province, and the only professor in the provincial tourism industry. After graduation in January 1982 from the English Language and Literature Department of Zhejiang University, he began to serve as an English-speaking guide interpreter, and later as manager of the Euro-American Department of China Travel Service, Zhejiang Province. Meanwhile, he worked and studied or promoted China tours in many countries, including the U.S. and Canada. Currently a professor at the College of Foreign Languages of Zhejiang University, he is the author of West Lake Poetics, chief compiler and writer of the Ministry of Education's Professional Guide, and co-author of An Incomplete Guide to Hangzhou. He is also chief translator of A Trip to Mountains and Rivers in Zhejiang Province, and translator of many other works on various subjects.
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