Handmade Inside Painting Snuff Bottle - Plum Blossom

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Dimension: Approx. 2.4" x 3.1" (6cm in width x 8 cm in height)

Package: Free brocade box with one wooden base
In Chinese culture, the Plum Blossom symbolizes: 
Gu Qi -- strength of character, moral integrity and backbone; 
Gang Yi – fortitude, indefatigability, perseverance and tenacity;
Xing Fu and Ji Xian -- blessedness, luck and propitiousness. 
According to Confucianism, the plum blossom was the symbol of a gentleman who has nobility, personal integrity, fortitude and a heroic quality that does not retreat from adversity. In modern China, Mr. Mao Zedong’s lyric " Yong Mei -- Ode to the Plum Blossom" , endowed the plum blossom with some of the spirit of the times, clean breath, steadfastness in the cold season, faithfulness, constancy, firmness, independence and self reliance. Because he emphasized that these qualities were in fact the root of the Chinese national verve, since then, the culture of Plum Blossom has reached its highest level and has huge social influence. 

Handmade Inside Painting Snuff Bottle - Plum Blossom