Guangdong Statistical Yearbook 2015

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"Guangdong Statistical Yearbook 2015" (the "Yearbook") system, a collection of provincial and municipal, county (district) 2014 statistics of all aspects of economic, social, as well as the province's key statistics for each major period since 1978, a fully reflect the annual statistical Guangdong national economic and social development. The "Yearbook" text is divided into 21 chapters, namely: 1. Administrative Division and Natural Resources; 2 synthesis; 3 national accounts; 4 people; 5 Employment and Wages; 6 investment in fixed assets;..... 7. energy; 8. financial, banking and insurance; 9 price index; 10 people live; 11 agriculture; 12 industry;.. 13 Construction;. 14 Transport and Posts; 15 domestic trade; 16 foreign economic relations. ; 17 Tourism; 18 education, science and culture;. 19 sports, health, social welfare, environmental protection and other; 20 main indicators of the regional economy; 21 county (city) area of ​​major economic indicators. Meanwhile, the appendix has four chapters: 1 in some provinces (municipalities) Main Statistical Indicators; 2 Hong Kong, China and Macao Special Administrative Region of China Key statistics; 3 Main Statistical Indicators of Taiwan Province of China; Part 4 major countries and regions.... statistics. (for reference only)

Table of Contents

•一、综合General Survey
•二、国民经济核算 National Economic Accounts
•三、人口 Population
•十四、运输和邮电 Transportation,Postal and Telecommunication Services
•四、从业人员和职工工资 Employment and Wages
•十五、批发零售业Wholesale and Retail Trades
•五、固定资产投资Investment in Fixed Assets
•十六、住宿餐饮业和旅游Hotels,Catering Services and Tourism
•六、对外经济 Foreign Economy
•十七、教育和科技 Education and Technology
•七、能源、资源和环境 Energy,Resources and Environment
•十八、文化与体育 Culture and Sports
•八、财政、银行和保险Government Finance,Banking and Insurance
•十九、卫生、社会福利、社会保障和其他Public Health,Social Welfare,Social Insurance and Others
•九、价格指数Price Indices
•二十、区域主要经济指标 Major Economic Regions
•十、人民生活People’s Living Conditions
•二十一、县(市)区主要经济指标Counties and Districts Under City Administration

Guangdong Statistical Yearbook 2015