Fujian Statistical Yearbook 2010

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Language: English and Chinese bilingual
Publication Date: 08/2010
ISBN: 9787503759765
First, the "Fujian Statistical Yearbook 2010", is a highly information-intensive statistics book. The book contains the system in Fujian province and the region in 2009, the department of economic and social development of all aspects of statistical information, as well as important economic key indicators of Fujian year statistics, is a fully reflect the economic and social development in Fujian of annual data.
Second, the book is divided into 22 parts: 1. Synthesis; 2. National Accounts; 3. Population, employment and wages of workers; 4. Fixed assets investment; 5. Energy; 6. People's lives; 7. Price index; 8 . City Overview; 9. fiscal and financial; 10. agriculture; 11. industry; 12. the construction industry; 13. Transport and Post and Telecommunications; 14. wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering and tourism; 15.'s external economy; 16. Science and education; 17. culture, publishing, sports and health; 18. Environmental protection and other social activities; 19. business climate index; 20. cities and counties in the main indicators of the national economy; 21. About Us; 22. West of the main economic indicators, not yesterday's are all marked with "Main Statistical Indicators."
Third, with the "Fujian Statistical Yearbook -2009," compared to the statistical content and editorial in the main to do the following amendments: 1. The content of the chapters were standardized to adjust, such as the "Tourism" by the "Foreign Trade and Tourism" to adjust to the "wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering and tourism." 2. In the chapter on the content of the arrangement, each have increased to reflect this general picture tables. Comprehensive articles editor of the adjustment system further, and "China Statistical Yearbook -2 009" basic interface.

Table of Contents
A comprehensive
Comprehensive description
1-1 The administrative division of the province (by the end of 2009)
1-2 overall national economic and social development, and speed indicators
1-3 Structure of economic and social development indicators
1-4 ratio of national economic and social development and efficiency indicators
1-5 Average Daily Social and Economic Activities
1-6 per capita output of major industrial and agricultural products
Composite index to explain
Second National Accounts
National Accounts Help
2-1 Main Indicators on Economic Efficiency
Year 2-2 primary output
The total output of 2-3
2-4 years of GDP mainly
2-5 years of GDP constitutes a major
2-6 years of GDP main index (previous year = 100)
2-7 years of GDP main index (1952 = 100)
2-8 years of tertiary industry mainly
2-9 constitute the tertiary industry (1978-2009 years)
2-10 tertiary industry index (previous year = 100)
2-11 tertiary industry index (1978 = 100)
2-12 branch value added
2-13 three times the contribution of industry and stimulating economic growth (1980-2009 years)
2-14 ad hoc structure of GDP
2-15 Gross Domestic Product by industry project structure (2009)
2-16 years mainly GDP by expenditure approach
2-17 year major structural GDP by expenditure approach
2-18 Household Consumption Expenditure
Major consumer level 2-19 years
2-20 three major demands of the contribution to economic growth and pull (1980-2009 years)
National Accounts Index Help
3 population, employment and wages of workers
Population, employment and wages of workers shows
3-1 years of total population and major demographic changes
3-2 age structure of population
3-3 in each age group the proportion of the total population
Born children constitute 3-4 times
3-5 all kinds of education the proportion of the total population
Households constitute the type 3-6
3-7 Working Age factor
3-815 marital status of the population over the age composition
3-9 The average age at first marriage of women of childbearing age and general fertility rate
3-10 five basic conditions of the national census of population
3-11 Main Years Employment (end)
3-12 years by three major industry practitioners and society as a whole constitute a sub-
3-13 Basic Conditions of Employment
3-14 by Registration and Industries Employment in urban units (2009)
By Industry 3-15 Staff and Workers in Urban Units (end)
3-16 and industry by sub-Registration Staff and Workers in Urban Units (2009)
3-17 by industry the number of women employees in urban units (end)
3-18 Number of urban private and individual workers (end)
Enterprises and institutions in urban units 3-19 Staff and Workers in the end (1990-2009 years)
3-20 of urban employment changes
3-21 new urban employment
3-22 by Registration average wage of workers in Urban Units
3-23 units of enterprises, urban authorities of Employees
3-24 in Urban Units by Sector of Employees
3-25 Average Earning of urban employment (2009)
3-26 in Urban Units by Sector of Employees (2009)
3-27 Average Earning of the private unit employees (2009)
Population, employment and wage indicators of workers to explain
Four fixed-asset investment
Fixed assets in investment
4-1 Investment in Fixed Assets
4-2 years by Rural major fixed assets investment
4-3 years by major type of registration the amount of total fixed asset investment
4-4 by the three industries, urban and rural sub-total fixed asset investment
4-5 Investment in Fixed Assets sources of funding (1981-2009 years)
4-6 Investment in Fixed Assets constitute sources of funding (1981-2009 years)
4-7 constitute the total fixed asset investment (1993-2009 years)
4-8 in Residential Investment (1981-2009 years)
4-9 in Residential Buildings Completed (1981-2009 years)
4-10 Number of urban investment projects and investment plan (1993-2009 years)
By Industry 4-11 Newly Increased Fixed Assets in Urban
4-12 urban fixed asset investment by industry
4-13 Newly Increased Fixed Assets by Sector towns
4-14 grouped according to various types of urban fixed asset investment
4-15 urban fixed asset investment by industry composition (2009)
4-16 grouped according to various types of new urban fixed assets
4-17 Real Estate Development Enterprises (unit) the main indicators
4-18 Real Estate Development Enterprises (unit) the main indicators (1986-2009 years)
4-19 completion of real estate investment (1986-2009)
4-20 according to various real estate investment group
4-21 completed commercial housing area (1986-2009)
4-22 minutes by use of real estate development project (1986-2009)
4-23 Sales of Commercial Buildings (1986-2009)
4-24 real estate construction, completion and sales (2009)
Interpretation of fixed asset investment index
5 Energy
Energy Help
5-1 the total primary energy production and composition (1978-2009 years)
5-2 energy consumption and composition (1978-2009 years)
5-3 Overall Energy Balance Sheet
5-4 Electricity Balance Sheet
5-5 elasticity of energy consumption (1990-2009 years)
5-6 scale industrial enterprise energy purchase, consumption and inventories (2009)
5-7 scale industrial enterprises by industry group of major energy products consumption (2009)
5-8 scale industrial sub-sector integrated energy consumption (2009)
Efficiency of energy conversion 5-9 (1985-2009 years)
5-10 average daily energy consumption
5-11 Energy Consumption
5-12 Energy Consumption per capita (1990-2009 years)
5-13 million in the GDP energy consumption by City Index
Districts and Cities 5-14 million GDP energy consumption indicator
Districts and Cities 5-15 million large-scale industrial added value of energy consumption indicators
Energy indicators to explain
Six people's lives
Help people's living
6-1 per capita income of urban and rural households (1978-2009 years)
6-2 years of Urban Households major case
6-3 per capita cash income and expenditure of urban residents
6-4 per capita consumption expenditure of urban residents
6-5 grouped according to per capita disposable income of urban residents in the basic situation of the family (2009)
6-6 of urban residents per capita purchases of daily consumer goods
6-7, every hundred urban households owned consumer durable goods consumption (end)
6-8 years of farm families mainly the basic conditions
6-9 per capita net income of farm families grouped Basic (2009)
6-10 according to income level in five decile groups peasant family situation (2009)
6-11 farmers per capita wage income
6-12 farmers per capita net income of the family business
6-13 farmers per capita consumption expenditure
6-14 farmers per capita food consumption
6-15 per 100 farm families have a major amount of durable consumer goods
6-16 peasant family housing situation
6-17 per 100 farm families produces Fixed Assets
6-18 per 100 farmers to the land situation
6-19 Basic Conditions of Urban Households by City (2009)
6-20 Basic Conditions of peasant families by City (2009)
Interpretation of people's living index
7 prices
Price index shows
7-1 years all the major price indices
7-2 various price index (1979-2009 years)
7-3 Consumer Price Index by Category
7-4 Consumer Price Index (2009)
7-5, the consumer price index
7-6 Urban Consumer Price Index by Category
7-7 Rural Consumer Price Index
Price index of agricultural means of production 7-8
7-9 Price Indices of Investment in fixed assets
7-10 of industrial enterprises of raw materials purchasing price index for fuel, power
Producer price index 7-11
7-12 sub-industry producer price index
7-13 major real estate price index
7-14 agricultural products price index
7-15 Consumer Price Index by City (2009)
Price index index explained
8 City Overview
Description of urban construction
8-1 The situation of urban construction (2009)
8-2 The situation of urban water supply (2009)
8-3 The situation of urban drainage and wastewater treatment (2009)
8-4 The situation of urban public transport (2009)
8-5 The urban green space and gardens (2009)
8-6 The situation of the city appearance and environmental sanitation (2009)
8-7 The level of urban facilities (2009)
Interpretation of urban development indicators
9 fiscal and financial
Fiscal and financial instructions
9-1 Year Revenue and Expenditure and the major growth
9-2 fiscal general budget revenue at local level
9-3 General Budgetary Expenditure
9-4 financial institutions, the balance of RMB deposits and loans (1990-2009 years)
9-5 breakdown of financial institutions at the end of the balance of RMB deposits and loans
9-6 Bank cash income and expenses
9-7 years banking major amount of cash payments
9-8 RMB benchmark deposit and lending financial institutions, interest rates
9-9 companies in the securities market financing conditions (1997-2009 years)
9-10 cases of Listed Companies (1999-2009)
9-11 Insurance System Institutions (2009)
9-12 premium income and claims payments (2000-2009)
9-13 insurance business economic and technical indicators (2009)
9-14 minutes by City, the main indicators of social insurance (2009)
9-15 minutes by City urban basic old-age insurance program and the situation (2009)
Interpretation of financial and monetary indicators
10 Agriculture
Agricultural shows
10-1 rural grassroots organizations and labor conditions
10-2 Agricultural Mechanization
The main conditions for agricultural production year 10-3
10-4 agricultural infrastructure
The main crop sown area year 10-5
10-6 sown
10-7 non-food crop acreage
10-8 aquaculture area
10-9 at the end of various types of fruits there is a space
10-10 years of animal husbandry and fishery output value of main and index
10-11 animal husbandry and fishery production value and growth categories
10-12 years of major agricultural products mainly yield
10-13 years of grain production and yield of the main
10-14 years of non-grain crops, the main production unit of sown area and yield
10-15 types of food production
10-16 non-food crop production
10-17 years of tea fruit there is a major area and yield
Production of various types of tea, edible fruits, 10-18
10-19 years of forestry major animal husbandry and aquatic products
10-20 afforestation area
10-21 primary forest products output
10-22 Main output of livestock and poultry products
10-23 the number of livestock on hand
10-24 fresh water product output
10-25 marine product output
Agricultural indicators to explain
11 Industry
Industry Description
11-1 Industrial Output Value
11-2 Industrial Output Value Index
11-3 Main Indicators of industrial enterprises above designated size (1998-2009 years)
11-4 scale industrial enterprises are mainly economic indicators (1998-2009 years)
11-5 Main Year-scale industrial enterprises of major economic indicators
11-6 the number of units of industrial enterprises above designated size
11-7 added value of industrial enterprises above designated size
11-8 division of value added by industry
11-9 Main Years of Major Industrial Products
11-10 scale industrial enterprises of Major Industrial Products
11-11 Main Indicators of industrial enterprises above designated size (2009)
11-12 scale industrial enterprises are mainly economic indicators (2009)
11-13 Main Economic Indicators of Large and Medium Enterprises (2009)
11-14 state-owned holding industrial enterprises Main Economic Indicators (2009)
11-15 scale industrial enterprises with foreign and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan investment in key economic indicators (2009)
Industrial index explained
12 Construction
Construction Description
12-1 Basic Conditions of Construction Enterprises (1978-2009 years)
12-2 Main Economic Indicators of Construction Enterprises
Construction of state-owned economic enterprises 12-3 Main Economic Indicators
12-4 collective construction enterprises of major economic indicators
Construction enterprises of various qualification levels 12-5 Main Economic Indicators (2009)
12-6 Construction Enterprises by Sector, Main Economic Indicators (2009)
12-7 Construction Enterprises by Type of Main Economic Indicators (2009)
12-8 by Structure Value of Construction Enterprises (2009)
Construction Enterprises, 12-9
12-10 by Type of Construction Enterprises, (2009)
12-11 Completed Building
12-12 Construction Enterprises by City (2009)
12-13 Employment of Construction Enterprises by City (2009)
12-14 Labor Productivity of Construction Enterprises by City (2009)
12-15, technical equipment of Construction Enterprises by City (2009)
12-16 Total Income of Construction Enterprises by City (2009)
12-17 Total Profits of Construction Enterprises by City (2009)
Construction industry indicators explain
13 Transportation and Post and Telecommunications
Traffic and transport instructions
13-1 overall transportation Selected Years
13-2 Basic Conditions of Transport
13-3 Length of Transportation Routes (end)
13-4 kinds of Means of Transportation (end)
Year of the average distance the main passenger 13-5
13-6 major rail transport situation Years
13-7 Main case of road transport Year
13-8 major water transport situation Years
13-9 air conditions (1978-2009 years)
13-10 year major coastal port cargo throughput
13-11 years of post and telecommunications operations of the main
13-12 Business Volume of Post and Telecommunications (1995-2009 years)
13-13 years of post and telecommunications major conditions
13-14 Post Office by the technical and economic indicators
Traffic and transport indicators to explain
14 wholesale and retail, accommodation, catering and tourism
Wholesale and retail, accommodation, catering and tourism shows
14-1 Total Retail Sales of Consumer Goods in Major Years
14-2 over limit wholesale and retail and hotel and restaurant industry, the basic situation of enterprises
14-3 limits the following wholesale and retail trade, accommodation and catering operation
14-4 wholesale and retail enterprises above designated Basic (2009)
14-5 wholesale and retail enterprises above designated product sales (2009)
14-6 Basic Conditions of Enterprises above Designated Accommodation (2009)
14-7 Catering Trade above the basic situation of enterprises (2009)
14-8 hotels and catering services above designated business case (2009)
14-9 wholesale and retail chain the basic operation (2009)
14-10 Accommodation and catering chain basic operation (2009)
14-11 billion of major economic indicators of commodity transaction markets (2009)
14-12 billion of commodity Exchange Market (2009)
14-13 of wholesale business at the end of the assets and liabilities (2009)
14-14 of wholesale financial status (2009)
14-15 year-end retail enterprises above designated assets and liabilities (2009)
14-16 retail enterprises above designated financial situation (2009)
14-17 of wholesale enterprises main indicators (2009)
14-18 retail enterprises above designated key efficiency indicators (2009)
14-19 accommodation enterprises above designated assets and liabilities at the end of (2009)
14-20 year-end catering enterprises above designated assets and liabilities (2009)
Accommodation enterprises above designated 14-21 Main Financial Indicators (2009)
Catering enterprises above designated 14-22 Main Financial Indicators (2009)
14-23 limits the operation of the following wholesale and retail trade tables (2009)
14-24 limits the following hotels and catering operation (2009)
14-25 tourist arrivals (1979-2009 years)
14-26 tourists arrivals and tourism revenues (1979-2009 years)
14-27 entry of foreign visitors
14-28 domestic tourist arrivals and tourism revenues
14-29 constitute the domestic tourist spending
14-30 constitute domestic tourists
14-31 international tourism foreign exchange earnings by City
14-32 Tourists by City
Wholesale and retail and hotel and restaurant industry indicators explain
15 foreign economic
Foreign economic explanation
15-1 Basic Conditions of Foreign Economic
15-2 Exports (1981-2009 years)
15-3 Trade of Imports and Exports by major commodity trade
15-4 by the nature of imports and exports trade company
15-5 Import and Export by Major Categories
15-6 by major country (region) of export trade in points
15-7 by major country (region) sub-volume of imported goods
15-8 Total Imports and Exports by Category chapter (2007-2009)
15-9 RMB exchange rate (1985-2009, the annual average price)
15-10 Foreign Direct Investment Contracts and the Contracts (1979-2009 years)
15-11 Foreign Direct Investment by Sector Contracts (1979-2009 years)
15-12 Foreign Direct Investment by Sector Contracts (1979-2009 years)
15-13 Foreign Direct Investment by Country (Region) Contract number and contract amount
15-14 in foreign direct investment (1979-2009 years)
15-15 in foreign direct investment in the country (region) the amount of
15-16 Business Registration Number of foreign-invested enterprises (2004-2009)
15-17 foreign-invested enterprises registered capital of Trade and Industry (2004-2009)
15-18 foreign-invested enterprises registered a total investment of Commerce and Industry (2004-2009)
15-19 Main Indicators of Foreign Tax (1980-2009 years)
15-20 foreign contracted projects and labor cooperation key indicators (1980-2009 years)
15-21 total import and export commodities by City (2000-2009)
Total exports by City 15-22 (2000-2009)
Total imports by City 15-23 (2000-2009)
15-24 Foreign Direct Investment Contracts by City (2000-2009)
15-25 contract amount of foreign direct investment by City (2000-2009)
15-26 by City, the amount of actual use of foreign direct investment
External economic indicators to explain
16 Science and Education
Scientific and educational shows
16-1 Basic scientific and technological activities
Basic scientific research and development institutions 16-2
16-3 Basic Conditions of S & T activities
16-4 and medium-sized industrial enterprises in science and technology activities of the basic situation (2004-2008)
16-5 local state-owned enterprises and institutions the number of professional and technical staff (1978-2009 years)
16-6 local state-owned enterprises of various trades technicians
16-7 in Scientific and Technological Activities (1987-2008 years)
Funding for science and technology activities within 16-8 expenditure (1987-2008 years)
16-9 Research and Development (R & D) activities in key indicators
16-10 Government departments above the county level scientific research and development institutions in
16-11 different types of patent applications and authorization (1985-2009 years)
16-12 units the authorization of the patent application (1990-2009 years)
16-13 Technical Market (1990-2009 years)
16-14 Technical Market (2009)
16-15 units technical trading conditions (2009)
16-16 years of education in the basic situation of the main
16-17 Main Year of Schools
16-18 Main YEARS time Teachers
16-19 main types of schools in school year the number of
Main YEARS 16-20 Students Enrollment
Primary school graduates 16-21 years the number of types of
16-22 years for every full-time teachers, the main burden of the number of students
16-23 Main Year Postgraduates
Graduate Division Number 16-24 (2009)
Division 16-25 colleges and universities Number of Students
16-26 Number of Colleges and Universities Enrollment Division
Graduates of universities and colleges 16-27 Division
16-28 Division time Teachers Colleges and Universities (2009)
16-29 full-time teachers in Title in Adult Higher
16-30 Division of Adult Higher Education on Student
16-31 The number of students in secondary vocational education in Sub-division (2009)
16-32 secondary vocational education sub-category titles full-time teachers (2009)
16-33 Number of Technical Schools, Students and Staff (1985-2009 years)
16-34 age children enrollment rate and the enrollment rate at all levels of general school graduates (1990-2009 years)
Interpretation of science and education indicators
17 culture, publishing, sports and health
Culture, Sports and health instructions
17-1 Basic Conditions of the main cause of years of culture
17-2 Main Year of Cultural Institutions in the number of
17-3 Mass Art, Museum station operations and financial condition (2009)
17-4 arts and cultural sector by type of drama shows and events sub-case (2009)
17-5 Libraries and Museums
17-6 Publication of books (1978-2009 year)
Book Published, 17-7 (2009)
17-8 Main Years Magazines and Newspaper Published
17-9 Newspaper Published (2009)
17-10 Publication of Periodicals (2009)
17-11 Publication of Textbooks
17-12 Publication of audio and video electronic publications (2006-2009)
17-13 years of Broadcasting and Television major
17-14 Broadcasting and Television
17-15 Districts and Cities radio and television satellite receiving system, the number of
17-16 The number of households receiving cable broadcasting and television by City
17-17 Comprehensive coverage of the population by City TV
17-18 employees in circumstances Sports Bureau System
17-19 rating then the number of referees and players
Sports Results 17-20 cases
17-21 Basic Conditions of Health in Major Years
17-22 Number of Health Institutions (2004-2009)
Number of beds in all health institutions 17-23 (2004-2009)
Number of 17-24 types of health workers (2004-2009)
Basic types of health conditions, 17-25 (2009)
17-26 clinics, clinic, medical clinic, Community Health Service Stations (2009)
17-27 WHO situation of rural village
Basic types of hospital 17-28 (2009)
17-29 top ten causes of death and disease constitute the (2009)
17-30 years above the county main hospital is the basic condition
Culture, sports and health indicators to explain
18 environmental protection and other social activities
Description of environmental protection and other social activities
18-1 Basic Conditions of Environmental Protection
18-2 urban environmental conditions
18-3 Rural Environment
18-4 industrial pollution discharge and treatment utilization
18-5 handling of industrial waste water by industry (2009)
18-6 industrial sulfur dioxide, industrial smoke, dust emissions, and governance (2009)
18-7 industrial pollution control investment by City
18-8 to reach the rate of Industrial Pollutants (2009)
18-9 by City "three wastes" Utilization product output
18-10 Number of Marriages and Divorces (2000-2009)
Basic Social Security 18-11 (2001-2009)
18-12 Social Relief and Donation
18-13 Social Welfare Enterprises and Institutions
18-14 Adopting Social Welfare Institutions (2009)
The development of undertakings for the aged 18-15
18-16 co-ordination of social security
18-17 Basic Law, Notarization and Mediation
18-18 minutes handling the situation internally notarial documents
18-19 the number of production safety accidents, losses and casualties
Indicators of environmental protection and other social events to explain
19 business climate index
Survey shows business
19-1 business climate index (2009)
19-2 entrepreneur confidence index (2009)
Interpretation of business survey indicators
20 cities and counties in the main indicat
Fujian Statistical Yearbook 2010