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Across Mountains and Rivers China's Highways, Bridges and Tunnels
ISBN: 9787119129181 | Published on 12/2021 | Series: MODERN CHINA’S INGENUITY
"Modern China's Ingenuity" is a series of books designed to demonstrate China's achievements in diverse fields, and especially the...

Aligning State and Market China's Approach to Development Finance
ISBN: 9787119081434 | Published on 02/2013

An Eye-witness in China: From Reform and Opening to A New Era
ISBN: 9787119132013 | Published on 12/2022

An Interpretation of Mencius' Thought in the English-speaking World
ISBN: 9787119133805 | Published on 11/2023

An Introduction to World China Studies
ISBN: 9787119133850 | Published on 08/2023

Ancient Chinese Fables (Chinese-English)
ISBN: 9787119097664 | Published on 01/2016 | Series: FLP Chinese Classics | Reviews:

Ancient Poetry and Prose for Junior Middle School Students
ISBN: 9787119127620 | Published on 09/2021

Andrew Moody: A British Journalist of China's New Era
ISBN: 9787119130682 | Published on 01/2022
The Edgar Snow Newsroom is an innovative China Daily initiative that not only presents a true, multidimensional and panoramic view of China in its...

Architectural China in the Eyes of a young Chinese architect
ISBN: 9787119119335 | Published on 04/2019

Armutsbekämpfung: Chinas Erfahrungen und Beiträge
ISBN: 9787119126494 | Published on 03/2021

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Established in 1952, Foreign Languages Press (FLP) is a professional international publishing house. Over the past half century, FLP has published, in 43 languages, over 30,000 book titles, including the works of Party and State leaders, important records and documents, and books providing social, political, economic and cultural insight on China, totaling over 400 million printed copies distributed throughout more than 160 countries and regions in the world. As well, FLP has taken full advantage of its hallmark reputation to publish series of distinguished foreign-language teaching books.