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China Und Die Kp Chinas
ISBN: 9787119096810 | Published on 12/2018 | Series: Die KP Chinas verstehen | Reviews:
Im 21. Jahrhundert steht China einer Vielzahl internationalerHerausforderungen gegenuber, so der Globalisierung, derFinanzkrise, geopolitischen...
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2020 China's Battle Against the Coronavirus: A Daily Log Jan. 23 - Feb. 23 2020
ISBN: 9787119123196 | Published on 03/2020 | Reviews:
The coronavirus outbreak is a grave test for China. Never since its founding in 1949 has the People’s Republic seen such an intense epidemic....

Theory and Practice of China's Intellectual Property Administration
ISBN: 9787119125114 | Published on 10/2020

China Railway Express: Great Ateries of the Silk Road
ISBN: 9787119118628 | Published on 01/2020
About Author 王雄,is a member of the Chinese Writers' Association and a renowned scholar of Han River culture. Like much urban educated youth in...

The Belt And Road Initiative
ISBN: 9787119119960 | Published on 04/2019 | Reviews:
Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China(CPC),General Secretary Xi Jinping's proposal of the Belt and Road...

China (2019 English Edition)
ISBN: 9787119121048 | Published on 08/2019
The Chinese people have created a splendid civilization during a long process of historical evolution, from Da Yu's control of the floods to the...

Untold Stories of My Diplomatic Life
ISBN: 9787119108735 | Published on 03/2019

Liangjiahe Village: A Story of Chinese President Xi Jinping
ISBN: 9787119115948 | Published on 09/2018

Dem Volk Dienen
ISBN: 9787119117669 | Published on 12/2018 | Series: Die KP Chinas verstehen
Die Errungenschaften, die China insbesondere seit Einfuhrungder Reform und Offnung erzieh hat, zeigen, dass die KP Chinaseine reife...
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Erforschung Eines Wunders
ISBN: 9787119117690 | Published on 12/2018 | Series: Die KP Chinas verstehen
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