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ISBN: 9787119135748 | Published on 01/2023
Like millions of other ordinary Chinese families, Mao's family was filled with family traditions. Mao's family carried both the rich colors...

习近平谈治国理政 第二卷 (Japanese Edition)
ISBN: 9787119111735 | Published on 04/2018 | Reviews:

ISBN: 9787119111759 | Published on 04/2018 | Reviews:

Пекин Cyпeр
ISBN: 9787119137278 | Published on 03/2024

Zwischen Den Zeilen Lesen
ISBN: 9787119094304 | Published on 11/2015 | Reviews:

Zhu Rongji On The Record: The Shanghai Years 1987-1997
ISBN: 9787119116655 | Published on 10/2018
Zhu Rongji, served as mayor of Shanghai from 1987 to 1991, was China's vice premier from 1991 to 1998, and served as fifth premier of the...

Yasuo Fukuda on China: Eastern Wisdom and World Peace
ISBN: 9787119138633 | Published on 11/2023

Xinjiang: Its Mark on China's History
ISBN: 9787119128337 | Published on 10/2021
The people in China created a profound civilization; people in all parts of the vast territory are connected by a shared culture. Historical heritage...

Xi Jinping: Working Together to Build a Community of All Life on Earth: Keynote Speech At Leaders' Summit of the 15th Meeting of The Conference of the Parties To The Convention on Biologial Diversity
ISBN: 9787119130798 | Published on 05/2022

Xi Jinping: Working Together for a China-Central Asia Community with a Shared Future Featuring Mutual Assistance, Common Development, Universal Security, and Everlasting Friendship
ISBN: 9787119137711 | Published on 12/2023

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Established in 1952, Foreign Languages Press (FLP) is a professional international publishing house. Over the past half century, FLP has published, in 43 languages, over 30,000 book titles, including the works of Party and State leaders, important records and documents, and books providing social, political, economic and cultural insight on China, totaling over 400 million printed copies distributed throughout more than 160 countries and regions in the world. As well, FLP has taken full advantage of its hallmark reputation to publish series of distinguished foreign-language teaching books.