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Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism, Christianity and Chinese Culture
ISBN: 9787513581608 | Published on 11/2016
This book includes ten representative essays of Tang Yijie, focusing on cultural interaction among Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism and Christianity....

Practical Chinese of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Speaking Elementary (with 1 MP3)
ISBN: 9787560092300 | Published on 03/2010 | Series: Practical Chinese of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Designed for overseas students studying traditional Chinese medicine in China and also suitable for foreigners who are interested in traditional...

Education for Life
ISBN: 9787513526098 | Published on 11/2012
Selects English theses and articles on Chinese education theory, philosophy of education as well as educational methodology in China written by...

HSK Vocabulary Master (2nd Edition) Level 1-4
ISBN: 9787513572965 | Published on 04/2016 | Series: HSK Class Series
• Providing rich sample sentences and analyses of HSK key test points. • With vocabulary exercises at the end of every unit which take the...

Health Qigong: Da Wu (with CD/DVD, French version)
ISBN: 9787119078854 | Published on 07/2012 | Series: Health Qigong (French Version)

Business Chinese 101 (with 1 MP3)
ISBN: 9787513552967 | Published on 01/2015 | Reviews:
Chinese 101 is a series of handbooks on oral Chinese designed for non-native speakers of Chinese who study or work in China as well as beginners and...

Practical Medical Chinese: Elementary Vol.1(With MP3)
ISBN: 9787560076911 | Published on 09/2008 | Series: Practical Medical Chinese
《实用医学汉语》系列教程是由全国近二十所高等学校从事医学汉语教学的一线教师共同编写的专业医用汉语教程,分为语言篇、基础篇和临床篇。各篇既可互相配 合使用。也可单独使用,便于各高校根据实际教学需要灵活选择。《实用医学汉语》系列教程特点:专为来华接受医学本科教育的留学生设计的专业汉语教材;充分...

Health Qigong: Taiji Yangsheng Zhang (With CD/DVD, German version)
ISBN: 9787119078861 | Published on 07/2012 | Series: Health Qigong (German Version)

Travel in Chinese (Vol. 4.) Attached with 2 DVDs
ISBN: 9787560092942,7560092942 | Published on 10/2010 | Series: Travel in Chinese
Travel in Chinese integrates linguistic functions into real-life scenes and, with audio teaching aids, emphasises listening and speaking skills....
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China Famous Local Delicious Food and Special Products
ISBN: 9787119049380 | Published on 01/2008

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Founded in 1979, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP) has since grown into the largest foreign languages publisher and university press in China. 
FLTRP's publications range from academic and educational works, to humanities and social sciences, natural sciences, and to the mass reading and children's books. With a special strength in languages and deep understanding of Chinese and other cultures, FLTRP is well positioned to tell China stories to the world.