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Easy Steps to Chinese Music: Guqin (with videos)
ISBN: 9787513586900 | Published on 12/2017 | Series: Easy Steps to Chinese Music | Reviews:
This textbook on playing the guqin -  a seven-stringed plucked instrument in some ways similar to the zither—is one volume in the Easy...

China Studies: Rediscovery of Sino-Hellenic Ideas
ISBN: 9787119097459 | Published on 01/2016 | Series: China Studies
According to the hypothesis proposed by Karl Jaspers, "the axial period" is supposed to range from the eighth century BC to the second...

English-Chinese Dictionary of Military Terms
ISBN: 9787119048352, 711904835X | Published on 01/2007
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Library of Chinese Classics: Outlaws of The Marsh (5 vols, Chinese & English)
ISBN: 9787119024097 | Published on 07/2009 | Series: Library of Chinese Classics | Reviews:

Die Stoffbildkunst aus Nord-Shaanxi
ISBN: 9787119030736 | Published on 01/2003
the Patchwork Art of Shaanxi province. Patchwork, a traditional folk art of the Yunchuan region in northern Shaanxi Province, Western China,...
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