Fashion China: Reading in China

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As with the rest of the world,Chinese people have come to view TV and the Internet as the primary method of getting information,spending their leisure time and seeking entertainment.For a tong time,however,books,newspapers and periodicals fuLfilted those functions.Today,the powerful media of TV and the Internet are diminishlng the atture of the print media so that the practice of reading seems to require protection.
Table of Contents
People Have Everything They Need in a Vast OCean of Books
A Craze for Traditional Culture Driven by Modem Media
Young Authors Making Their Marks
Children Are Gods
Practicality Equals Popularity
Books Emerging From the Internet
Creating Energy On Paper
Publishing Houses in Transition
The Rise of Private Book Dealers
A Diverse Community of Authors
Delivering the "Most Beautiful Book"
Exchanges of Publications Between China and the Rest of the World
Scenes at Book Fairs
Imported Books Perform a Miracle
Chinese Books Go Global
Flourishing Bookstore Environments
From Xinhua Bookstores to Large Book Malls
Specialized Private Bookstores
Thriving Bargain Book Fairs
Online Bookstores Now Commercially Viable
More Households Touched By Essence of Books
Widely Diverse Readers
Libraries Filled With Rich Scent of Books
Book Collections and Studies
Fashion China: Reading in China