Experiencing Chinese - Elementary School 1 Workbook (With CD)

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Language: Chinese-English
Format: Papercover
Page: 150
Publication Date: 08/2008
ISBN: 9787040222708
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This workbook is for Experiencing Chinese of elementary school series. It is to drill pronunciation, vocabulary, sentence pattern and Chinese character in the student's book from listening, speaking, reading and writing. A great variety of exercises, vivid pictures, and lively texts in this book will help students review what they have learned in a relaxed and happy learning atmosphere. In this workbook, each lesson ends with "a short story", which is both simple and interesting. This helps to cultivate students' reading habits and improve their reading ability. At the same time, students unconsciously extend their knowledge learned in the process of review.
Table of Contents
第1课 动物Animals
第2课 这是狗This is a dog
第3课 人物Persons
第4课 她是妹妹She is the younger sister
第5课 衣服Clothing
第6课 我的鞋My shoes
第7课 数字Numbers
第8课 数一数Count it
第9课 时间Time
第10课 现在两点It’s two oclock
第11课 身体Body
第12课 乌有翅膀Birds have wings
第13课 颜色Colors
第14课 我喜欢红色I like red
第15课 家人Family members
第16课 我爱妈妈I love mom
Experiencing Chinese - Elementary School 1 Workbook (With CD)