Every Treasure Tells a Story

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Language: English
Page: 272
Publication Date: 01/2019
ISBN: 9787508539355
In the documentary Every Treasure Tells a Story produced by CCTV, the creativity of ancient Chinese people is appreciated through 100 national treasures. Each of them is introduced in a 5-minute episode to tell a story, explaining the Chinese spirit, aesthetics and values behind them. This documentary provides a chance for the audience to understand the cultures of China from a fresh perspective. The first season was highly rated by the audience and stirred a passion for culture and tradition.This book presents the stories of the 25 treasures in the first season of the documentary. Between the lines, you may find their legendary experiences that were hardly known and look for traces of the Chinese spirit. We are sure that these stories, which are full of ups and downs, will open a window for readers to gain a touch of the everlasting value and charm of the great country’s gems. Thanks to the humanistic elements and knowledge, this artfully designed book is also an ideal choice for readers, especially fans of history and cultural relics, to dig deeper about the legend, history and Chinese culture after they turn off their electronic devices because it offers abundant content about how these treasures could possibly have been made, as well as traditional culture, and differences between China and the rest of the world.
Table of Contents

Human-headed Pot: Gazing at Old Times
2. Jiahu Bone Flute: a Melodious Sound Transcending Nine Millennia
3. Pottery Eagle-shaped Tripod: Enchanting Pottery from 6,000 Years Ago
4. Longshan Eggshell Black Pottery Cup: a Delicate Craftwork 0.2mm Thin
5. Hongshan Jade Dragon: a Dragon-shaped Jade Ring
6. Lingjiatan Jade Plaque and Jade Turtle: a Game of Hide and Seek in Jade
7. Liangzhu Yu Cong: a Badge of Gog
8. Turquoise-inlaid Bronze Plaque: Resonance Between Metal and Jade
9. Yinxu Turquoise-inlaid Oracle Bone: Inscribed Bones
10. Houmuwu Ding: a National Treasure
11. Fu Hao's Jade Phoenix: Legend of the Magic Bird
12. Xiao Zun: How an Owl was Honored
13. Li Gui: a Boundary Marker of the Shang and Zhou Dynasties
14. He Zun: Where "China" Appeared First
15. Jade Pendant Set: Wearing the World on One's Body
16. Sanxingdui Bronze Figure: the Glory of Human Nature
17. Sanxingdui Bronze Sacred Tree: Inscribed Bones
18. Golden Sun Bird: Shining Light upon the Ancient and Modern
19. Da Ke Ding: an Open Bronze Book
20. Cowry Shell Vessel of the Ancient Dian Kingdom: the Cow-Tiger Coming Down from the Altar
21.Lotus and Crane Rectangular Hu: Lotus in Blossom, Crane about to Take Flight
22. Bronze Zun-pan of Marquis Yi of Zeng: a Legend Reproduced
23. Sword of Goujian: the Winner Takes All
24. Filigree-inlaid Bronze Plate of a Mausoleum Map: Futuristic Technology of the Warring States Period
25. Hu-fu (Two-Piece Tiger Tallies): Mighty Troops in the Palm of the Hand

Table of contents: Every Treasure Tells a Story (ISBN:9787508539355)

Table of contents: Every Treasure Tells a Story (ISBN:9787508539355)

Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Every Treasure Tells a Story (ISBN:9787508539355)
Sample pages of Every Treasure Tells a Story (ISBN:9787508539355)
Sample pages of Every Treasure Tells a Story (ISBN:9787508539355)
Sample pages of Every Treasure Tells a Story (ISBN:9787508539355)
Sample pages of Every Treasure Tells a Story (ISBN:9787508539355)
Sample pages of Every Treasure Tells a Story (ISBN:9787508539355)
Sample pages of Every Treasure Tells a Story (ISBN:9787508539355)
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Every Treasure Tells a Story