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Gain the Upper Hand in China's Financial and Housing Markets
ISBN: 9787505872981 | Published on 08/2008

A Study on the University-industry Linkages in China: Theoretical and Empirical Analysis
ISBN: 7514161414, 9787514161410 | Published on 10/2015

International Business of China Practice - Bilingual Case Study
ISBN: 9787514186475 | Published on 12/2017

Green Manufacturing: The Rise to Power of China's Manufacturing Industry in the Future
ISBN: 9787521835595 | Published on 07/2022

Data driven control theory and application
ISBN: 9787521836523 | Published on 10/2022
The main theme of this book is to discuss the development of sy'stem identification and advanced control theory. This will be a novel data driven...

The Chinese Path: The Internationalization of China’s Economy
ISBN: 9787521834963 | Published on 05/2022 | Series: The Chinese Path
The Chinese path refers to the path of socialism with distinctive Chinese characteristics. As Chinese President Xi Jinping points out, it is not an...

China's financial base situation (2009)
ISBN: 9787514102062 | Published on 12/2010
Party and government finance is the material basis to perform their functions, system security, policy instruments and regulatory means. In the...

Oxford Handbook on State and Local Government Finance (Chinese version)
ISBN: 9787514199321 | Published on 12/2018

2006 Custom Import and Export Tariff of the People's Republic of China (1 Book + 1 CD)
ISBN: 7801805208 | Published on 01/2006

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