Gain the Upper Hand in China's Financial and Housing Markets

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Table of Contents
The Financial Market
1.Structure of China's Financial System;
2.Domestic Funds Industry;
3.Evolution the Banking System;
4.Major Bank Restructuring and Securities Market;
5.China's Financial Reform: An Overview;
6.Major Issues of China's Financial Reform;
7.The Asian and US Financial Crisis and China's Countermeasures;
8.Suggested Solutions to the Financial Reform;
9.Streamlining TICs (Trust and lnvestment Companies);
10.Private Banking;
11.Forenign Bank Participation in Renminbi Business
ⅡThe Insurance Market
1.Insurance Market;
2.Survey on lnsurance Consumers;
3.lnsurance Companies;
4.Foreign Insurers in China;
5.Reinsurance Business;
6.Life lnsurance Market;
7.Social Security System;
8.Medical insurance;
9.Government Welfare Schemes;
10.Experiments on Medical insurance;
11.Property lnsurance Sector;
12.Agricultural lnsurance
Ⅲ The Housing Market
1.Economic Cycle;
2.History of Real Estate;
3.Housing Reform;
4.Demand and Supply;
6.Housing Inventory and Price Decline;
7.Affordability Analysis;
8.Financial Risks;
9.The Housing Markets in Shanghai and Bejing
Gain the Upper Hand in China's Financial and Housing Markets