China's financial base situation (2009)

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Party and government finance is the material basis to perform their functions, system security, policy instruments and regulatory means. In the process of building a moderately prosperous society, financial play an important functional role, have become more and people all aspects of life, more and more attention by the whole society. In order to fully and accurately reflect the 2008 fiscal policy, income, expenditures, institutional and management aspects, so that a better understanding of the community to support the financial work, special editing and publishing, "the basic situation of China's fiscal (2008) ", and timely update amendments.
Table of Contents
First, the financial function
1. Public Finance
2. Public Finance Function
3. The general requirements of the financial work

Second, fiscal policy
4. In recent years, fiscal policy and practice

Third, the fiscal revenue
5. Classification of government revenue
6. Overall revenue
7. Tax Revenue
8. Non-tax revenue
9. Treasuries
10. Government debt
11. Fiscal revenue growth and the relationship between GDP growth
12. The central government the use of surplus revenue
13. China International comparisons of fiscal revenue

Fourth, financial expenditure
14. Expenditure Category
15. Overall financial expenditure
16. Financial support for the "three rural" situation
17. Financial support for the development of education
18. Financial support for medical and health development.
19. Financial support for the cause of social security and employment development
20. Financial support for environmental protection and ecological construction
21. Financial support for building low-rent housing guarantee system
22. Financial support for the development of cultural undertakings
23. Financial support for technological innovation in
24. Cases financial support for energy reduction
25. Financial support for disaster relief situations
26. Financial support for the development of regional coordination
27. China's "three rural", education, social security and employment, health and other key spending growth is generally higher than regular financial revenue growth
28. Specific measures to reduce administrative costs

Fifth, the financial system
29. The existing institutional framework for tax sharing
30. Tax rebates and transfer payment system
31. Fiscal balance between central and local
32. The operation of tax sharing system
33. Financial support for the development of minority areas and other policy measures
34. Alleviate financial difficulties of counties and townships of policy measures
35. Direct control of counties and county management reforms

Sixth, financial management
36. Scientific and meticulous financial management concepts
37. National Budget System
38. Budgeting Management
... ...
VII, financial exchanges and cooperation
VIII, financial institutions and personnel
China's financial base situation (2009)