Easy Steps to Zither Vol 1

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Author: Jiang Tanxi; Jiang Aini; Jiang Tanxi; Lu Jing;
Language: Chinese, English
Page: 38
Publication Date: 03/2020
ISBN: 9787541156618
Publisher: Sichuan Literature & Art Publishing House
Table of Contents

第1关 基本姿势Basic postures 03
第2关 认弦Learn the chords 07
第3关 学习拍子Learn the beats 10
    学习弹奏Learn how to perform 11
第4关 手指弹奏练习Finger performance training 16
第5关 半拍学习及练习Half-beat learning and training 18
乐曲练习 Compositions training

小花猫Little Cat21
第6关 学习按音Learn the stopped strings22
乐曲练习 Compositions training
找朋友Look for a Friend23
小星星Twinkle Twinkle Little Star24
第7关 学习附点Learn the dotted notes25
乐曲练习 Compositions training
菊花台Chrysanthemums Terrace25
    学习休止符Learn the rests27
 乐曲练习 Compositions training
小雨沙沙Drizzle Rustling28
第8关 学习十六分音符Learn the sixteenth note29
      乐曲练习 Compositions training
第9关 学习双手交替弹奏Learn to play alternately by the right or left hand31
乐曲练习 Compositions training
上学歌School Song34
卖报歌Song of the Newsboy35
第10关 学习双手同时弹奏Learn to play by both hands simultaneously36
乐曲练习 Compositions training
摇啊摇Hey Diddle, Diddle36
荡秋千Play on a Swing37

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Easy Steps to Zither Vol 1