Easy Learning Chinese: Advanced Course 2

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这就是我!Im Easy Learning Chinese!

乐学——对学生 Easy to learn for all the students

No matter you're a beginner or an experienced student, I will help you acquire Chinese through an entirely new way.

I will help you speak Chinese confidently, explore the world in Chinese, and live in China in the Chinese way.

乐教——对教师 Easy to teach for all the teachers

No matter you're a new teacher or an experienced one, you can use me freely.

创造鲜活生动的情境吸引学生,提供丰富多样的活动活跃课堂,帮助您轻松成为受欢迎的老师!I will help you create some vivid scenarios to excite students, provide a lot of class activities for them, and make you the most popular Chinese teacher!

Table of Contents

第1课 人如其名

第2课 我眼中的外国人

第3课 您是哪儿人?

第4课 话说旅行

第5课 人是铁饭是钢

第6课 我恋爱了

第7课 人靠衣装

第8课 我爱我的家

第9课 生病了怎么办?

第10课 知己难求

第11课 “互联网+”教育

第12课 谈工作

第13课 租套房子

第14课 消费观

第15课 离别的时候



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Easy Learning Chinese: Advanced Course 2