Easy Chinese Speak Out (English Annotation) wih VCD

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Author: Shao Limin; Liu Tong;
Format: with VCD
Page: 356
Publication Date: 02/2004
ISBN: 779950627X

Easy Chinese is a fast-track course series specifically designed and produced for independent learners of Chinese. It is a multimedia set, including textbook, audio-cassette/CD/MP3, video-cassette/VCD/DVD, and CD-Rom, It may also be transmitted via cable or satellite TV networks or the Internet. This course series provides learners with multiple modes of language learning through multi-media. It aims to provide more people with access to the Chinese language, the Chinese people and the Chinese culture.

"Easy Chinese Series" was specifically created for students not studying in school, and the title, "Easy", says it all: an easy and practical study course, and swift results. It is made in order to bring even more people into contact with Chinese, and to give them an opportunity to speak Chinese, write characters, and learn to deal with Chinese people without the hassle of classrooms, teachers, grueling schedules, or the nitpickiness of grammatical rules and writing lessons.

"Easy Chinese Series" is made for non-Chinese interested in Chinese and Chinese culture, or hoping to have some practical interactions with Chinese people ("Understa-nding Chinese"). It is also made for students with little time, but who must use basic Chinese in their daily work or living environments ("Speak out"). "Easy Chinese Series" is also made for the parents of children studying Chinese, who want to learn along with them ("Time to Talk Chinese"). Lastly, "Easy Chinese Series" is made for foreigners living or working in China, who want to be able to read shop signs, street signs, and other written Chinese ("Sights and signs").

"Easy Chinese Series" can be utilized not only as study material, but also as emergency reference while traveling, living, studying or working in China.

"Easy Chinese Series" is a multimedia set including a book, audiotapes, video cassettes, CD, VCD, CD Rom and MP3. It can also be used via television networks or the Internet. It offers students a multi-media, multi-faceted option for studying Chinese.

"Easy Chinese Series" includes:
Understanding Chinese

Speak out
Sights and signs
Time to Talk Chinese for Children

Time to Talk Chinese for Parents

For the readers
"Easy Chinese Speak out" is the part of the "Easy Chinese Series". Much Like the other parts of the series. "Speak out" is not just a book, it is a multimedia teaching aid set incorporating paper, audio, and visual aspects. For the moment, 4 VCD and 4 CD available.

"Easy Chinese Speak out" is for students with 3-6 months of Chinese experience; who have a basic understanding of Chinese and have already grasped a certain level of vocabulary , grammar and characters. It is surpassingly practical, acquainting students with the Chinese cultural environment, helping them improve their ability to conduct actual dialogues, and allowing them to quickly adjust to life and work in various parts of China.

"Easy Chinese  Speak out" consists of 50 lessons, covering a number of situations that foreigners may encounter while in China, for example: tourist shopping, visiting friends, washing clothes, eating,ets. At the same time it touches on many facets of modem life in China, such as using the Internet, mailing express packages, singing Karaoke, and othe topics Rarely covered in traditional school settings.

"Speak out" is divided into several sections.

a) Sentence Pattern. Gives exampmes of the important sentence structures introduced in each section.

b) Do you know? Introduces the background information necessary to understand each lesson's information, and to help you understand what to do in similar situations you may meet yourself.

c) Vocabulary. Each lesson's key words: learning these words thoroughly will alow You to progress easily through the remaining lessons.
d) Useful Phrases and Expressions. Provides a basic explanation of the useful phrases And explanation used in each lesion. Explains how to use the phrase without getting into lengthy or complicated discussions of grammar.
e) Situational Conversation. Learn how phrases and expressions are used in real life by studying these example dialogues.
f)   Exercises. Exerciese are arranged into three main types.
i. "Learning word groups by heart" helps students remember words, and by switching vocabulary in and out of the sentences students can expand their abilities.

ii. "Substitution Drills" are purely to help students familiarize themselves with vocabulary, and to understand the broader uses of the words from the "learning word groups by heart" section.

iii. "Making sentences in the given situations and using the grammar presented in the lesson" gives a few example situations, and allows students to practice the vocabulary and grammar learned in that lesson. If students can fluently use Chinese to cope with these situations, they will have mastered that lesson.

While using these materials, you don't need to worry about the difficulty of Chinese characters: whether in the book or the video tape, all vocabulary, exercises and dialogues are written in both characters and pinyin, allowing students to both study characters and practice their speaking ability.

Actually, you needn't only use "Easy Chinese Speak out" as a study aid, it can also be used while living, studying, working and traveling in China, as an emergency reference. Keep the book with you, and when you find yourself unable to speak the words you need, simply point to the appropriate part of the book to reach your goals.

We hope that during your time in China, regardless of whether you have come to work or study or travel, "Easy Chinese Speak out" will be of use to you, and always smooth your way.

Table of Contents

For the readers
Lesson 1   Go through the Customs
Lesson 2    Claim Luggage
Lesson 3    Find a Restroom
Lesson 4    Take a Taxi
Lesson 5    Money Exchange
Lesson 6    Weaher
Lesson 7    Room Reservation
Lesson 8    Room Reservation Errors
Lesson 9    Check in
Lesson 10   Room Change and Request a Repair
Lesson 11   Sports
Lesson 12   Leave a Message at the Front Desk
Lesson 13   Look for Someone
Lesson 14   Make a Long-distance Call
Lesson 15   Do Laundry
Lesson 16   The Bill is Wrongly Calculated
Lesson 17   Make a Complaint
Lesson 18   Ask for Direction
Lesson 19   Take a Bus
Lesson 20   Express Delivery and Faxing
Lesson 21   Mail a Letter and Send a Parcel
Lesson 22   Order Dishes
Lesson 23   Several Special Requirements for the Dishes
Lesson 24   Shopping
Lesson 25   Bargaining
Lesson 26   Discount
Lesson 27   Buy Vegetables
Lesson 28   Return Merchandise
Lesson 29   Buy Tickets
Lesson 30   Change Reservations
Lesson 31   Have a Patient
Lesson 32   Visit a Patient
Lesson 33   See a Doctor (Ⅰ)
Lesson 34   See a Doctor (Ⅱ)
Lesson 35   Get the Medicine
Lesson 36   Domestic Travel
Lesson 37   GO to Karaoke
Lesson 38   Get on the Internet
Lesson 39   GO to a Bar
Lesson 40   Ask Telephone Number and Page Number
Lesson 41   Make a Call
Lesson 42   Make Friends
Lesson 43   Take Part in a Party
Lesson 44   Ask for Leave
Lesson 45   Being the Host
Lesson 46   Celebrate a Festival
Lesson 47   Look for Someone Using PA System
Lesson 48   Take a Message for Somebody
Lesson 49   Shop at an Antique Market
Lesson 50   Take Part in a Trade Fair

Easy Chinese Speak Out (English Annotation) wih VCD