Meaning of 错乱

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cuò luàn (Trad.: 錯亂)
in disorder; deranged (mentally)
Related Words
Antonyms: 正常
Example Sentences
I never expected that your nerves would be disordered: they are, at present, marvellously so, however; and almost entirely through your own fault.
The researchers say this age group may be especially sensitive to disorders because of the great pressures of entering adulthood.
Histemperature, oddly enough, was not greatly above normal; but the wholecondition was otherwise such as to suggest true fever rather thanmental disorder.
Over all, the study found that almost half of all the college-age individuals showed signs of at least one psychiatric disorder.
The jury was told they had a "straightforward choice" of clearing him of murder or finding him not guilty by reason of insanity.