Meaning of 杂乱

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luàn (Trad.: 雜亂)
in a mess; in a jumble; chaotic
Related Words
Synonym: 混乱 庞杂 零乱
Antonyms: 整齐 井然
Example Sentences
Her room is in such a litter that she is ashamed to ask me in.
Though I know some people that thrive on a messy space, I'm not one of them.
Often times, however, tackling the clutter can seem an insurmountable task if you don' t know where or how to start.
It goes against our intuition, but we have to learn to force ourselves to accept, understand and even embrace that we live in a complex, very messy, very uncertain world.
Not only has this eliminated a lot of clutter from my life, but I actually look at my photos much more often.