Meaning of 庞杂

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páng (Trad.: 龐雜)
enormously complex; a vast jumble
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Synonym: 繁芜 芜杂
Antonyms: 清纯
Example Sentences
Two of them had no idea as freshmen what they wanted to do, Mr. Landon says, and the universities' broad offerings of programs, majors and facilities helped them figure it out.
He spent thirteen years on these oddly assorted tasks before he was assassinated by a stranger. His novel had no sense to it and nobody ever found his labyrinth.
How can a blind multitude which often does not known what it wants, because it seldom knows what it good for it, undertake by itself an enterprise as vast and difficult as a system of legislation?
At 270 square miles, it's small compared to sprawling parks such as Yellowstone, the world's first national park.
As the company' s lawyers wrote in one court filing, "That this case is large and complex is an understatement."