Meaning of 脚踏实地

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jiǎo shí (Trad.: 腳踏實地)
to have one's feet firmly planted on the ground (idiom); realistic without flights of fancy; steady and serious character
Example Sentences
If that doesn' t keep your feet on the ground, what would?
I went to the railway station to pick them up. I cannot remember how they were dressed or other details, but my first impression of Zhang was, this is a young man with his feet on the ground.
Thankfully he' s growing up to be a well balanced, sensitive and grounded kid, so I guess I'm doing something right somewhere," she says.
For each party member, it requires not only clarity of vision, but also down-to-earth dedication!
And as a writer,I'm not tremendously imaginative. So I want to have my feet on the ground.