Meaning of 有口皆碑

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yǒu kǒu jiē bēi
every voice gives praise (idiom); with an extensive public reputation
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Synonym: 口碑载道
Example Sentences
From there, word spread of her skills and business grew rapidly.
If Cook can succeed where Jobs has failed, he would put to rest questions over whether he has the vision to lead Apple, in addition to widely respected operational skills.
It's also the first time the powers of a photon, which is good at traveling over long distances, and an atom, which is prized for its ability to retain information, have been jointly exploited.
Before you laugh, remember that Playboy is well-known for the high quality of both its fiction and its journalism.
Gmail's biggest challenge isn't its reliability record, which remains sterling compared with most of the corporate e-mail systems it's been known to replace.