Meaning of 另起炉灶

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lìng zào (Trad.: 另起爐灶)
lit. to set up a separate kitchen (idiom); to start from scratch; back to square one; to start of on a new path
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Example Sentences
If America cannot find a way to bring China and India into the existing global power structure, they will start drifting away to form their own clubs.
Sure the details are different, but essentially, these tasks are repetitive. If so, then you need to create a template, so that you don' t reinvent the wheel every time you do the task.
We can imagine that if one decides to propose a new framework, it would be difficult to predict how long a consensus could be reached then, let alone to achieve a post-Kyoto agreement.
Without clear transitions, a speaker can inadvertently leave the audience scratching their heads as the speaker takes off in a new direction in the presentation.
The project has also been helped by building on existing technology and modifying it rather than starting afresh.