Meaning of 伯仲之间

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zhòng zhī jiān (Trad.: 伯仲之間)
almost on a par
Example Sentences
In the strength looked that two teams are in about the same, but advantage's of the hold main floor Wuxi team occupies certain superiority, also remembers in the main floor revenge.
And fights the history from the bilateral overall strength to look that Chinese men's basketball team and Australia in about the same, sometimes the Chinese team is also at a disadvantage.
However, many year husbands and wives friendships, in addition skill in about the same, Mr. and Mrs. Smith choose finally lays down the weapon.
For the past five years or so the cloud has been hyped by companies to mean anything that happens on the Web, which is how "cloud computing" came to rival "social networking" in overuse.
And the election -- to be held by June at the latest -- has an outside chance of producing no outright winner, leading to the kind of political stalemate that is not conducive to action.