Meaning of 经

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(Trad.: 經)
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Pinyin: jīng
English Definition: surname Jing; classics; sacred book; scripture; to pass through; to undergo; to bear; to endure; warp (textile); longitude; menstruation; channel (TCM); abbr. for economics 经济
Example Words:
经费 [ jīng fèi ]: funds; expenditure; Classifiers:
经商 [ jīng shāng ]: to trade; to carry out commercial activities; in business
正经 [ zhèng jīng ]: decent; honorable; proper; serious; according to standards
经纬 [ jīng wěi ]: warp and woof; longitude and latitude; main points
饱经沧桑 [ bǎo jīng cāng sāng ]: having lived through many changes