Meaning of 四

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English Definition: four; 4
Chinese Definition:
Total strokes: 5; Radical:
Ideographic: A child in a room with four walls
Character Formation:
  • Full surround
Similar Characters: 西
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 四
Example Words
四川 chuān Sichuan province (Szechuan) in southwest China, abbr. or , capital Chengdu 成都
四周 zhōu all around
四处 chù all over the place; everywhere and all directions
四人帮 rén bāng Gang of Four: Jiang Qing 江青 , Zhang Chunqiao 張春橋 , Yao Wenyuan 姚文元 , Wang Hongwen 王洪文 , who served as scapegoats for the excesses of the cultural revolution
四面 miàn all sides
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Example Sentences
I have finished one fourth of my work now.
I want to focus on four things you could do.
I think one of the keys in that is that one once you get more than three or four people there, the more people you get, the more other people are going to think something meaningful.
But why should just four people have all the fun?
But at one point, four years ago, I had a boyfriend.