Contemporary Comparative Literature (Volume 1)

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This book aims to keep finger on the pulse of comparative literature and world literature in contemporary times by presenting the hot issues and cutting-edge discussions in the field in recent years. The papers included are based on the research findings of the Institute of Comparative Literature of BLCU, and meanwhile adopt many professional discussions and innovative theories by experts and young scholars in China and abroad, covering a wide range of topics. Over half of the papers are published for the first time, and the republished ones are also recent works of the scholars.

About the Author
Ms. Chen Rongnu, Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and World Literature from Peking University, completed her post-doctoral research in the Humboldt University of Berlin during 2003-2004. Since 1999, Ms. Chen has been a teacher in Beijing Language and Culture University and is now a professor and master tutor in the university. She is a member of Chinese Comparative Literature Association, undertaking several domestic and overseas research projects.
Contemporary Comparative Literature (Volume 1)