Contemporary Chinese for Beginners (German edition, 2 CD-ROMs)

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The two discs of CD-ROMs are a set of computer software designed specifically for Chinese learners. It is accompanied to the Contemporary Chinese for Beginners, German edition. It can be run on a Pentium III computer or above. The operating system should be Windows 98 or above.
The CD-ROMs include: Texts, new words, sentence patterns, grammar, phonetics and cultural notes. All the texts are marked with Pinyin. German translation for Lessons 1-10 is provided. The definition, phonetics, usage and stroke order of Chinese characters are covered with all kinds of exercises for training on reading and writing. Comprehensive and diversified exercises for listening, speaking, reading and writing are designed from easy to difficult to satisfy the needs of the learners of different levels.
Contemporary Chinese for Beginners (German edition, 2 CD-ROMs)