Comparative Literature: East & West 8

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Table of Contents
Eugene Chen Eoyang——The Undisciplined Discipline:Comparative Literature and Creative Wandering
Edward M.Gunn,Jr.——Introduction to Local Language in Contemporary Chinese Media and Literature
Cao Shunqing——The Construction of a New Paradigm of Comparative Literature Studies
Agnes Heller——Preface to A Study of Agnes Heller's Thoughts on Aesthetic Modernity by Fu Qilin
Simon Tormey——Preface to the Book on Agnes Heller
Fu Qilin——A Study of Agnes Heller's Thoughts on Aesthetic Modernity:An Abstract
Liu Yah——"The Self":A Comparative Study of Its Meanings in China and the West
Ye Shuxian——Mythical Body:World Parent Type Creation Myth in China and Its Visual Archetypes
Zhang Wenchu——On the Understanding of Beauty by Keats
Ming Ming,Liu Xianbiao——Two Turns in Translation Studies
Duan Junhui——Irving Babbitt's Neo-humanism and Eastern Thoughts PH.D.DISSERTATION ABSTRACTS:a selection
Zhou Chun——A Study of Afro-American Feminist Criticism inAmerica
Shan Xiaoxi——On the Existing Mode of Literature in the Contextof Modern Media
Fan Guo-ying——On Literature Institution with the Literature Awardof Mao Dun as aCase
Li Shu——A Comparison Study on the Chinese and Western Music Aesthetics
Pan Chunlin——On V.S.Naipaul's Spatial Writing
Zhao Chun——Discoursive Practice and Cultural Position——A Study of Introduction of Western Literary Theories:1993-2004
Editor's Notes
Comparative Literature: East & West 8