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Spanish Version for Communicate in Chinese

China's reform and opening up process has not only spurred on its interactions with the rest of the world, but also expanded the role of the Chinese language in the world. Chinese has become the key tool and bridge between China and other countries in developing friendly relations, conducting business and trade activities, making exchanges in culture and technology, as well as boosting mutual understanding.

For a number of years, China Central Television has placed high importance on bringing Chi­nese teaching programs to overseas viewers, it has produced a series of Chinese teaching pro­grams tailored for learners of different age groups and different needs. For overseas viewers, this is a convenient alternative to class­room learning or coming to China to study, at the same time, it offers them a direct window on understanding China.

To facilitate viewers of both home and abroad in learning the language from the "Communi­cate in Chinese" teaching program, China Central Television have compiled a set of texts from the show and also produced audio Cassettes and VCDs that will allow repeated viewings and studies.

The "Communicate in Chinese" texts have 40 scenarios (40 topics) in total, published as a set of four books (this volume is the first book in the series), each book comprises ten lessons, the last one being a revision lesson. The teach­ing materials concentrate on spoken Chinese, through the characters' daily activities as pre­sented in the situational dialogues, language context is reflected and students will find their interest grow as they gradually grasp the ability to communicate in Chinese.

The text has split up expressions that are used in daily life into several topics, each lesson focuses on some of the expressions on the topic, with situational dialogues, new words, common expressions, cultural background, language points, notes, substitutional drills, this integrates comprehension with practi­cal usage. To speed up the learning process for TV viewers and learners so that they can communicate with Chinese people in simple situations, each lesson has been divided into three parts, the first two parts mainly explain the dialogue and include explanations of the cultural background and language points, while the third part is for revision and contains substitutional drills of common expressions. It can be seen that dialogue is given a primary role while exercises complement the learning of conversations. This set of teaching materials and television program aims to allow viewers to become adept at using Chinese to communicate in daily life.

In order to assist beginners gain an innate understanding of dialogues in Chinese and quickly gain communication skills, full use was made of the television medium, to produce situational dialogues and provide pinyin, Chi­nese and English subtitles onscreen for the new vocabulary and common expressions, so that what viewers see, they can learn, it cultivates a language environment and leaves a lasting impression. Professor Yu Suqiu from the Renmin University of China wrote parts of the text, while Ms. Cheng Lei, an Australian-Chinese English consultant translated the text and Mark Rowswell, the Canadian presenter who is a household name in Chinese TV due to his bi-lingual skills, hosts the "Communicate in Chin program.