Chinese Wisdom and Solutions - Understanding China: China at your fingertips: mobile internet and social shifts in a developing power

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Language: English
Format: 24 x 17 x 2 cm
Page: 336
Publication Date: 04/2018
ISBN: 9787119114217
About the Author
马化腾,Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Tencent. Mr. Ma is widely viewed as a leading figure of the Chinese Internet industry. Tencent grew from a startup into one of the world's largest Internet companies in just 20 years under his leadership. Now Tencent's flagship product WeChat has more than 1 billion monthly active users. Red Packet., mobile payment, bike sharing, online publishing, music streaming, online games and other Internet applications and digital products are deeply int.egrated with Chinese people's daily lives. Mr. Ma pioneered in promoting national development plans for 'Internet Plus' and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Mr, Ma is an active promoter of merging the digital and real economies through innovation and technology.
Table of Contents
Foreword: Creating a Future Together with the Rest of the World
Part Ⅰ A New Era
Chapter 1 The Power of an Era: How the Mobile Internet Created a Chinese Paradigm
Ⅰ.'Established by the Age of 30'
Ⅱ.Western Ways Gradually Influencing the East
Ⅲ.Blended Innovation
Ⅳ.A Day with China's Internet
Ⅴ.Focus Shifting Eastward
Ⅵ.What's Past Is Prologue
Part Ⅱ Smart Living
Chapter 2 A New Consumption Logic Among the Public: a Smarter Way of Living
Ⅰ.More than Half of Chinese Use Mobile Connections in Their Smart Living
Ⅱ.Internet Shopping Shapes National Consumption Trends
Ⅲ.Local Life 020: Online and Offline Integrated in the New Era
Ⅳ.Golden Development of the Sharing Economy
Ⅴ.Embracing a Future of Smarter Online Living
Chapter 3 The Rise of Creators: Linking the Humanities with Sharing Technology
Ⅰ.A New Social Life Nurtured by Mobile Connectivity
Ⅱ.The Internet Activates the Public's Creative Power
Ⅲ.Online Entertainment: Maximizing the Value of Individual Entertainment
Ⅳ.Internet Cultural Enterprises Explore Internationalization
Chapter 4 Innovation and Evolution: a New Path to Digital Inclusive Finance
Ⅰ.Innovation Paves the Way for Mobile Payments
Ⅱ.The Secret of 'One Cent' Mobile Wealth Management
Ⅲ.Inclusive Finance Extends to Every Corner of China
Ⅳ.New Milestones in Technological Innovation
Part Ⅲ Industrial Upgrading
Chapter 5 Internet Plus Manufacturing: from Quantity to Quality
Ⅰ.Internet Plus Manufacturing Spreads Rapidly
Ⅱ.'Cloud Usage' Becomes a New Indicator
Ⅲ.Four Major Innovations for China's Internet Plus Manufacturing
Part Ⅳ Inclusive Development
Chapter 6 Platform Dividends: a New System for Government Services
Ⅰ.A Scenario Revolution at Your Fingertips
Ⅱ.Strong Connectivity Based on Super Portals
Ⅲ.Efficient Services Based on Technological Innovation
Ⅳ.Empowered Social Governance
Ⅴ.New Chances to Bridge the Data Gap
Ⅵ.Smart Living: 'China Speed'
Chapter 7 Mass Participation: the New Power of Online Charity
Ⅰ.A New Online Era for Charities
Ⅱ.How the Internet Is Reshaping Charity
Ⅲ.The Four Core Values of Online Charity Platforms
Ⅳ.Traditional Charitable Organizations Actively Embracing New Trends
Ⅴ.Challenges and Prospects Facing Online Charity Platforms
Part V Future Outlook
Chapter 8 Leading the Future: Trends in the Era of Mobile Internet Society
Ⅰ.Technological Empowerment: Technological Innovation Welcomes the Voice of China
Ⅱ.Integrated Growth: the Digital and Real Economies Move Toward Joint Development
Ⅲ.Entrepreneurship and Innovation Take to the World Stage
Ⅳ.Looking Forward to a New Era
Chinese Wisdom and Solutions - Understanding China: China at your fingertips: mobile internet and social shifts in a developing power